Monday, December 6, 2010

So I am in Queens not Brooklyn

From: Krisina Lewis []

Sent: 12/6/2010 8:23:01 AM

To: Janette Lewis []

Subject: Feliz Navidad!

Dearest Family!

How are you!???? It's so good to hear from you. Love you all much! Happy December! It has changed from colorful fall to blizzardly winter almost over night. It's snowing today and I am LOVING my coat mom. It is the! Seriously in all honesty I love it much. Thanks so much!

Okay, so first and foremost I need to make a little correction. Mom, you wrote me a letter and said " My Krisina, in Brooklyn!" I was thinking to myself, "I'm not in Brooklyn" so I looked through my emails and found that the first week I told you I was in Brooklyn. Bahhaha. I think I was a little delusional when I wrote that first email lol. In reality, I am located smack in the middle of Queens! (NOT Brooklyn) lol. But my area in Queens is called Rego Park. The reason I haven't given you another address is because I go into the mission office for mail a couple of times a week. The mission office is in my area and it's been really fun to get to know all the couple missionaries that work in the office. I see the President and his wife often. So it's really the fastest address to send mail to because I pick it straight up from there. So yes I've rectified the problem. I am located in Queens in a dense area of Latinos which is awesome.

Oh there are so many great things going on right now. We had some really great lessons this week. One of our investigators came to church this week! Yeah! Ana Ramirez is our shining star. She is really trying to make some really great changes in her life. That is one thing about the gospel that I just love. When people have a sincere belief and testimony of Jesus Christ it gives them the faith to follow throught on those promptings that they have. The biggest thing that we have been working on is trying to get her married or separated from her novio (bf). When the law of chastity was presented she was not down for the whole idea but when we went back she told us she is looking for another room. She feels the spirit when we come and she feels that we are helping her. There are always other issues that we have to work through such as money,  but the point is that the desire is there and she is willing. She came to church and is planning to continue to come. She really is awesome. I love it.

We had zone conference this last week. It was really awesome. We are getting ready to start the new year. We are looking for themes and things that we want to accomplish. This last year the mission theme "was the year for miracles". The mission has had just over 500 baptisms this year. This is the most since 2002 and we continue to press forward in finding and preparing those who are to come unto Christ through baptism. We had a mission fast yesterday and it was really great. We had a fireside last night and I was asked to share some thoughts in order to start off our discussion. I studied in the BOM about Moroni and the title of liberty.The title of liberty stood for truth, righteousness, and protecting the freedoms of their families, their wives, and children. They were able to save the kingdom from evil because they united and put their trust in God by obeying and pressing forward in Christ. As missionaries, we strive to obey, serve, and love. We will have the Lord's power as long as we do those things he has asked us to do. To go forth with a united purpose and love.

Merry Christmas Family! I'm thinking of you and I appreciate all your love and concern and prayers. They mean the world.

Love Hermana Lewis

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