Tuesday, June 29, 2010


So tonight I picked up my book to read before I went to bed. I had left it on the bed from the previous reading and as I picked it up I was also looking for something else over my shoulder. I felt odd that one of the pages was brushing my hand after just opening it up so I looked back to find a giant cockroach climbing over my book and hand! It’s not everyday I unexpectedly have a bug the size of my finger crawling over my hand. I yelped in surprise and leaped off the bed. The roach scattered for cover as I ran to get Khun Pa. I came back into the room with the “terminator”. We chased that roach all around my room. We finally got it and let it go outside.
Anyway so sat back down on the bed and about a half hour later I look up to see this huge roach climbing down the water pipe in front of me! Strike two! So, naturally I run back outside my room to Duang’s room. “There’s another one! There’s another one!” -I’m such a baby. Khun Pa is asleep so Khun Ma comes to my rescue. So we looked like cats about to pounce on our pray. Her with the hand towel and me with the Mosquito whacker! So she went for the kill! MISS! It charged my feet and under my bed went the roach! I screamed as I dodged the roach attack! Khun Ma just laughed in excitement. I’m sure she thought I was ridiculous. But we couldn’t find it again.
From then on out, it was my battle. It became frenzy and I would not rest until I knew where the roach had gone. The roach blended right under the black bed and moving the bed around was no avail. So I waited and watched the perimeter. I felt like those crazy guys off mouse hunt trying to catch that poor innocent mouse. I watched, and waited, and about 5 minutes after stillness I noticed movement. Move the bed to the left, to the right! No down! Then I saw it! Attack! “Where’d it go?” Oh tricky little booger. It was fast. And then I saw it move under the door crack into the living room. I pushed the door open and shined the flashlight in the dark corner… victory! Now all I had to do was catch it. Easier said than done. So I grabbed a glass. I didn’t want to kill the thing, just wanted to put it outside. Can you imagine the crunch of the exoskeleton of a bug the size of your finger? Ya, not a pretty sight- better to put it outside.
Glass ready in hand. I could see my prey and I knew I had one chance. Vwalah! Three times is a charm. I had caught it by the hairs of its chinny chin chin. Well not really but I had barely trapped it by one of the antenna, preventing it from running away. The rest was taken care of. I checked the remainder of my room and could at last sleep. :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010


I went to the waterfalls in the mountains today. Went with all the girls. Yie, Khun Ma, Little, Duang, Yok, Mok, Ploy, and Khun Ma's sister. We ate a lovely brunch by the falls that consisted of soup, noodles, veggies, chicken, and soda beverage. So good. We all showered in the falls and played with each other. There were tonz of fish in the water that loved our leftovers and just went crazy when you dropped the rice into the water. It was so fun to play around in the heat of the day.

Mueng Nakkon Palace

Went to one of the palaces today near Nakkon Si Thammarat. It was very interesting. What would it be like to live as royalty and travel around the country and stay in exotic palaces? That would be the life. I stand in awe at the respect and deep gratitude that the people of Thailand have for their King. He stands for an idea and position of love for the people. I think that when a group of people agree on a idea or thing it brings great unity and strength.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Childrens Orphanage

Today was one of those days that you bow your head in gratitude and thank god for all of the wonderful blessings that he has given to you. I got to go to the childrens orphanage today. I'm bac in the south in Nakkon si Thammarat. We didn't do much while we were there. The children that were old enough were at school so the majority of the children were away. It was only the toddlers or the ones younger than age 4. We had bought some treats with us so we passed them out and helped the little ones eat their cupcakes. It was nothing really spectacular but I did feel very blessed to live with my wonderful family and have 2 wonderful parents that have raised me in the gospel that inspire hope and motivation in my soul. These children were beautiful but many of the toddlers were sick and the didn't look happy. One of the girls was crying the whole time. She couldn't have been more than 2 years old. Evidently she was new to the orphanage.

God gives all of us challenges in life but none too great to bear with our Savior Jesus Christ. There are always going to be tradgedies we never find or know because we haven't experienced them. But always have a gratified heart for the life you have been given.Yesterday was history, tomorrow is mystery, but today is a gift. That's why they call it the present. Christ gives us hope and the power to change to the good we desire in life. Life is a precious gift so take advantage of every moment. Blame is an empty game for opportunities never taken. There are always those that will have more and those that will have less. Happiness is a perspective and its up to you to attain it.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Elephants, Tigers, Monkey Galore

Guess what I did today?! I went to an elephant camp and played with elephants! I was able to feed them with bamboo and banannas. We watched them in a show. They painted pictures with their trunks! They sell the paintings for good money too. I also went on an elephant ride to the village of the long necks. The people that live there think the longer your neck... the more beautiful you are. So they put lot of necklaces on their neck and add more to their neck to stretch out their necks. I got to play with a baby monkey today and I had another monkey come up and give me a kiss on the cheek. The coolest thing I did though was I got to take pictures playing with tigers! I saw lots of tigers today. Big ones, little ones, and even baby ones. I have one picture with me laying on top of the tiger. Chaing Mai is beautiful!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fish massage

Ok, so I did the COOLEST thing today. I've never heard of it.... till now. So I went to the mall in Siam (which is the biggest mall I've ever seen in my life) and was shopping around. We walked past this spa and there were some girls getting their feet massaged....by fish! I was like Duang! Look! haha. So I went in and got one too. I can't wait to post the pic so you can see. All you do is rinse your feet off and then you stick it in a gigantic fish tank that has 100's of little fish about an inch long. As you stick your feet into the fish tank they swarm to your feet and start their work. I don't know if its sanitary.... but it was way cool. They eat all the dead skin off your feet and it is the weirdest sensation. With all the fish it feels like a vibrating sensation that just tickles like crazy! It's an awesome massage. I've never done it before so it was an exciting experience.


So I've been in Bangkok for the last week. Went and saw some amazing temples. I also saw what most people know as the grand palace and the emerald Buddha. It was amazing! All of the intricate detail was so fine and all hand crafted into its masterpeice. It has given me great appreciation for other beliefs and culture. I love this place so much.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Legit Thai Cook

So I got to go to the little Thai Kitchen Restaurant today. Peabooh (the maid) was able to drop me off from her little motor bike and the cooks just let me come right on into the kitchen. It was SO COOL! I loved it! I just got to spend the next couple of hours in the restaurant's kitchen cooking and watching the other Thai cooks make authentic dishes. They asked me if I spoke any Thai and I was able to tell them "Nit Noey" which means "a little bit". Haha so they would talk to each other and then teach me the names of the different dishes and tell me to repeat the words after them. It was so good! They were so kind to me. I tell ya... cooking is hard work.... I don't know how they do it all day everyday. It was so fun though.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Communication can be such a barrier.

I love it here. It truly is a beautiful country. I feel so loved and adored by the people. I am very grateful for the Khaothongs and their hospitality of letting me stay with them. The language is really hard for me. I was hoping to pick it up faster but its really been a struggle for me. It makes it difficult because I can't really get around on my own because I can't understand anything anyone is saying to me. I tried to go out on my own today. lol. So, I went on a little shopping spree. It started out fine but then once I wanted to buy my stuff they wanted to barter and like I said I really struggle with the language so then I was just getting all confused! I ended up paying and buying a lot of things I typically don't think I would have bought at home...lol But it was still fun. On the bright side of things... now I have some fun clothes to wear. Good experience. It's been so much fun to go and look at all the little markets. Everyone has little shops here. The typical set up here is people live in the top part of their shops and then during the day they are downstairs working the business. Its been a huge learning experience for me in so many ways. I can't believe I'm almost half way done with my trip! It blows my socks off I've almost been gone for a whole month. I can't wait to go to Bangkok at the end of the week!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The White Asian

So my whole life in the states people ask me if I am part Asian....Well yesterday we went to the passport office to renew Duangs. The Thai guy told Duang if I wasn't so dang white he would have thought I was Thai. Then just after that we went to the beach and one of the Thai ladies started speaking to me from a little aways. Then when she came up close she apologized saying that she had thought I was one of her Thai friends.... Ya, even the Asians think I"m asian! This is awesome. I just need to get a good tan while I am here and I will be a legit asian. lol. jk but still. Just to clarify... I do look like my dad and I am all white. :)

Hat Yai

Went on an excursion to the very southern part of Thailand called Hat Yai. It was the bomb.com! I loved it. We went to the beach, got Duang's passport renewed, at good food! Took the whole day. 12 hours later... lol.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Drivin around town.

I don't know if you have ever seen the streets of Thailand but they are so much different than Utah. I got to ride with the maid on her little scooter to the market to buy lunch yesterday. It was quite exhilarating for me. All the cooks at the market loved me. Then afterwards peaboo took me to the bakery and I got some ice cream. Pretty sure I had to eat it fast because it was dripping away like 2 seconds after I bought it. I tried another exotic food of Pork liver today. Glad I asked what it was after I ate it. Not too bad...

I"m going to be buff when I come home because the gym is my new found home. I love it there and the Khaothongs love it because they can just drop me off for a few hours while I have a party at the gym.

I think there is a lizard that has made its way into my bedroom because it kept making noises last night. It kept waking me up. You wouldn't think they would be that noisy since they are so tiny! The lizards run around all over the walls outside but Duang says some of them make it into the house too... lucky me. :) lol But it could be worse. I've only seen 2 cockroaches since i've gotten here. I love it here. The outdoors are so beautiful. Well g2g.