Tuesday, June 29, 2010


So tonight I picked up my book to read before I went to bed. I had left it on the bed from the previous reading and as I picked it up I was also looking for something else over my shoulder. I felt odd that one of the pages was brushing my hand after just opening it up so I looked back to find a giant cockroach climbing over my book and hand! It’s not everyday I unexpectedly have a bug the size of my finger crawling over my hand. I yelped in surprise and leaped off the bed. The roach scattered for cover as I ran to get Khun Pa. I came back into the room with the “terminator”. We chased that roach all around my room. We finally got it and let it go outside.
Anyway so sat back down on the bed and about a half hour later I look up to see this huge roach climbing down the water pipe in front of me! Strike two! So, naturally I run back outside my room to Duang’s room. “There’s another one! There’s another one!” -I’m such a baby. Khun Pa is asleep so Khun Ma comes to my rescue. So we looked like cats about to pounce on our pray. Her with the hand towel and me with the Mosquito whacker! So she went for the kill! MISS! It charged my feet and under my bed went the roach! I screamed as I dodged the roach attack! Khun Ma just laughed in excitement. I’m sure she thought I was ridiculous. But we couldn’t find it again.
From then on out, it was my battle. It became frenzy and I would not rest until I knew where the roach had gone. The roach blended right under the black bed and moving the bed around was no avail. So I waited and watched the perimeter. I felt like those crazy guys off mouse hunt trying to catch that poor innocent mouse. I watched, and waited, and about 5 minutes after stillness I noticed movement. Move the bed to the left, to the right! No down! Then I saw it! Attack! “Where’d it go?” Oh tricky little booger. It was fast. And then I saw it move under the door crack into the living room. I pushed the door open and shined the flashlight in the dark corner… victory! Now all I had to do was catch it. Easier said than done. So I grabbed a glass. I didn’t want to kill the thing, just wanted to put it outside. Can you imagine the crunch of the exoskeleton of a bug the size of your finger? Ya, not a pretty sight- better to put it outside.
Glass ready in hand. I could see my prey and I knew I had one chance. Vwalah! Three times is a charm. I had caught it by the hairs of its chinny chin chin. Well not really but I had barely trapped it by one of the antenna, preventing it from running away. The rest was taken care of. I checked the remainder of my room and could at last sleep. :)

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