Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Better late than never

Sorry I don't have much time to email today. I barely got to the computer today. Sister Jasso loves to shop.... We don't match in that way but thats a okay lol. P.S. Mom, could you pay my credit card? lol. Jasso forgot her wallet so I had to put some stuff on there.

Hermana Jasso is doing great mom. She is a solid rock. Some days I swear she is training me. She is I think actually. I actually lost my companion a couple of nights coming home on the train. She was right behind me and then I turned around and she was gone! So I went back to the stop thinking that she might have gone back to the ATM for cash and I just didn't see her. Waited for a couple of minutes and then I saw some creeper guy come out of the building so I started walking thinking that she had started walking home since she had keys. Called the other sisters in the apartment and asked her if she had reached the house yet when I could see she wasn't in walking distance of the house. They said no, so started freaking out after waiting for a few minutes and thinking oh no maybe she has been abducted! So then the sisters came out to come help me. Called the rest of the zone that lives in the apartment next to us and had a squat team looking for her. We said a prayer and 2 seconds later the zone leaders called saying oh we found her at the top of the train station. It all turned out good. Reminded me of the good old times with Sister Stephens when I was on a train talking or we would get separated on different trains. We always met right back up cause I would just call her on the phone. Some days are hard but its a growin process right? Hermana Jasso helps me in the language, to enjoy the moment, and to just be real with people. She could use all the support and love though. Her family writes her a weekly email but that is it. I wouldn't call it support cause they are just mad at her for leaving. She has a really supportive RM bf though that writes her often and gives her good advice. You could send her some cash every now and again. Her ward is financing her mission. She has a really awesome ward that really supports her a lot but still there are things the mission doesn't cover. It's always nice to get a little side $ towards the end of the month when things get tight. She is super independent though and determined.

I had some really neat experiences this week. I so felt the spirit filling my mouth with words during lessons this week. Many times I'll struggle to find words for my sentences yet even Hermana Jasso commented after the lessons wow sister you just said that like it was suave. Must have been the spirit in the moment. I felt so grateful knowing that if I continue doing my part that God will do and make up the difference. We had one lesson with this investigator Daniel. He has 2 kids and is separated from his wife. He had been given a BOM before and been reading it and was told he could find answers to all his lifes challenges. Another lesson was with Napoleon and Yolanda. I felt the power of the spirit in the room and for the first time I felt like they were getting it. Found some really great new investigators this week too. Had a lot of other really great old investigators DIE which is always a sad story. I always feel so sad! This is the hardest thing for me. I have these super spiritual experiences with these people. They experience the atonement and find these testimonies yet then they stop doing what they are supposed to and then they falter into old habits so fast and die!!! Shatter my heart into a million peices! It kills me man. Then these other people pop up out of no where and they just walk into the waters of baptism like its no big deal and they've been planning on it for ages. It's stressed me out this past week to the point where I made myself sick. Woke up with a bad head cold. It's these people salvation!
Also had zone conference which was really good. Loved it! All my notes are at home though so i'll have to write some next week.
So I leave with this since I've got to go.

I know that Jesus is the Christ. I bear witness that the Book of Mormon is true and that it separates us from other religions. It contains the fulness of the Gospel. It testifies of Jesus Christ and his teachings for the plan of happiness. It has a power unlike any other book which can be experienced by experimenting on its words. It brings the spirit and centers our thought around Jesus Christ. It leads and protects us. I know that this is christs doctrine and that his Church is on the earth today through the restoration of the gospel through the prophet prophet Joseph Smith. I know Joseph Smith did see God the Father and Jesus Christ and that his fruits and the Book of Mormon are evidence of what he experienced. If that experience is true all mankind have a need to repent and come unto the waters of Baptism by someone holding the priesthood authority of God. I love this gospel so much. It is the light and life. It brings happiness and success. Alma 26:12 Love it.

g2g more next week. Promise.

All my love,

Hermana Lewis

Monday, February 14, 2011

Que onda


Hey so great week. God is truely blessing us. Found some really great people this week and we are teaching some really great people right now with some very rewarding experiences. I extended my first baptismal commit this week to my first family this week! They said yes! Yet, we still have a lot of work to do with them. They are not thrilled at all about leaving the rest of their extended family in the Catholic church to go to some new church yet they really feel good things when we come and can see it is helping their family overcome challenges that they so desperately want to overcome. Their 10 year old son is just about to take his first communion and he has been spending the last 2 years going to expensive classes to prepare for this moment in his life. Yet he reads the picture book of mormon we give him every single day and he loves the stories. The father Javier is doing a great job reading and he has more curiousity than anything which is agood start to lead his family. Kati is the mother and wants more than anything to be a good mom yet has come from a rough background and has a fiery temper and wants more peace to be in the home. It's been really good and I really hope I'm able to help them in the way that God wants. I think it would be awesome to see them baptized this transfer.

Jonathan is doing good. It's people like him that make the work all worth it. He is such a champ. It is so crazy to me to think that for someone that doesn't believe in a real loving god and then to go to knowing the Book of Mormon is true and that this church is true.... wow. He has a very unique set of circumstances and I know we were put in his life for a very specific set of reasons. He has been in new york for about the same amount of time that I've been in the mission. Just about 6 months. Before that he lived in Ecuador. He lived a life in Ecuador I only hear about in horror stories and you think don't happen in real life. To real people. But they do. He ran away from Ecuador in hopes of getting away foHe never prayed much before he met us yet the day before he met him he told us that he had said a pray something around the lines of "God, if your there please give me the means to change my life." The very next day we found him on the train. He learned perfect English here in the states and by the time I met him I didn't even know he felt more comfortable speaking spanish becuase his english was so good and he spoke without an accent. He was able to have his interview with President, President only speaks English keep in mind. Since that interview, his English has progressively decliined and i have to teach him in Spanish. I find it so interesting and I honestly think the Lord has been preparing Jonathan so that he could have that experience with President. God works in Mysterious ways. Jonathan has some time before he can get baptized and this time is going to be crucial for his eternal progression. Got any ideas on how to create real spiritual experiences for him to increase his faith and help him see how much faith he really has developed since he has started receiving the discussions?

Napoleon and Yolanda are good.... Napoleon is not getting it for the purposes that he needs. Yolanda likes all of it but isn't willing to budge without her husband. Even though we keep telling her salvation is personal. Even though she has a good relationship with God in the end she is going to need a little bit more in order to be exalted... of course everyone can be saved. But that 's not the goal people. It's to be exalted and receive all the blessings that God has in the celestial kingdom and la vida eterna.

Found another really cute catholic familiy this week. The father has a member sister in Utah but they don't associate with her he says. He doesnt' believe in god because of all the bad he has seen in the world but he sees what it does to his kids w/o God and he wants us to teach them so that they can choose for themselves. Really backwards I know. The mom is not cool with us there though because she is hard core catholic. Honestly i think the father is just really mad at God and chooses to not acknowledge him to make his life easier. It's hard though sometimes when you have really bad things in your life. Things that you didn't choose but are consequences of other peoples actions or foreces outside your control. I'm praying the parents hearts will be softened. Their children are beautiful and really smart. They are a peruvian family.

My comp and I were very fortunate to be blessed with many appointments this week and our numbers totaled to almost 30 full out lessons which was awesome and about a 1/3 of those were with member presents which always is so much better! I am so eternally grateful for the members that come out with us and help us teach. They really help clarify things and everything that is a language barrier can be cleared up. I love it.

I know this church is true. I know it blesses our lives. We stopped by a less active this week who talked to us about he started coming to church back in the day. His family noticed the difference it made in their home and so they also became interested in the church. His mom was also baptized as a result of that. AFter that lots of his family got baptized in Mexico. It's a chain. This gospel isn't just important for you. But the influence that yo uhave on other people.

I really love the girls in our pad. I'm learning all sorts of things. This morning sister Jasso and I woke up and made a big breakfast for everyone. The zone leaders and the spanish DLs live next door and then we also made breakfast for the sisters. We made Mexican food and man it was delicious! I learned how to make this really good authentic mexican salsa ( man, its spicy) and then mom I've learned how to make hand made tortilla's. It's quite facil actually. You would love to spend a little bit of time in the kitchen with these two mom. They are pro's. We never really have time to cook, which is unfortunate but at the same time I hope that it all works out in the end. Spanish is coming... mas o menos. I think the mission is one of the steepest learning curves I've ever been on but it is so good for me. I had one of those epiphanies yesterday and I just woke up and smelt the fresh air. Wow, I'm in NY on a mission speaking spanish. Weird....

Okay so mom, I have been meaning to email you about these people you tell me about every now and again. Kelsi is engaged!!!!!?????? WHOOT WHOOT! Congrats Kelsi! ;) Love it! I definitley approve think he is one of the very few people that could pass for marrying one of the best people I know :) I'm so happy for her. Can't wait to hear a little about it from her. I know she is always crazy busy. Hopefully I'll be fortunate enough to see the pics.

Mom, I know this could possibly be annoying for you but could you just order or get me some new boots? I just never have time to go looking and once again I'm not going to have time today. The storms here this winter have been terrible but it feels like it is starting to warm up so I'm looking for some boots I can wear more for rain and slush now more than warmth. Rain boots will cut it I think until next winter. I mean if you do that thing you were telling me online you could just send them to the mission office and it's like the same if I ordered them right? If you can't find any that are good just let me know and I can just make do with what I have until I run into better.:)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Wow! God loves Me

Wow, family

All I can say is that God loves me... ALOT. This whole training thing is more fun than I thought it ever could have been. Of course yes it is a lot of work and it totally different but I love it. God has answered every one of my prayers and there is nothing like a new missionary that brings in light and hope and spark into the work.

My "kid", daughter, companion, sister, her name is Hermana Rosee Jasso. And guess what she is fluent in Spanish. She is half Mexican and half Philipino. I can't tell you how much she is helping me out with the language. She loves as I try to speak with her in our called language. The other really awesome thing is that Sister Winterton is training right now too. She just hit her half way mark in the mission. Their companionship is the English program but her kid is straight from Mexico and so she feels more comfortable speaking Spanish with us sisters than anything else right now too so it rocks for learning the language. I'm loving it. We have the youngest pad in the mission and we are firing it up in there! Watch the miracles come baby! Oh Yeah!

So my companion Hermana Jasso is so stinkin awesome I can't even tell you! I thought no one would ever be able to my trainer Sister Stephens yet this girl teaches me something every day and she's helping me continue to see the best of both worlds. She is a fireball. Just so you know a little bit about her....

She is a convert for the church. She is the only member in her family and the rest of her family remains "carasmatic catholic". She has been a member for 2 years. A couple of years back one of her co-workers inviter her to a movie night to watch the Best Two Years. She watched the movie and had some curiousity as to the "little blue book" in the movie. Thought the thought of Elders was very intriguing that they go out for 2 years of their life because of their faith. She really liked the movie though. The very next day on the street she saw some Elders on the street and approached them. She said, "Hey I'm looking for one of those blue books you elders have. May I have one?" Now these poor Elders were so taken off guard, they didn't know how to react. I think the fact that she is so gorgeous, nice, and asked the dream question that every missionary wants to hear might have had something to do with it. My companion thought that she had said something wrong because they were so shocked. Ironically the Elders didn't have an extra with them at the moment but they got her info and of course and went to give her one later that night. 2 months later she was baptized.

When she found out that the sisters could go on missions too there nothing more that she wanted. So she prayed about it and got her firm answer that she was going to go. She started preparing. Turned in her papers and received her call and opened it as her 2 best friends also opened and got their calls the same day at her bishops house. She didn't tell her parents till the week after she got her call that she was going on a mission. Her family is furious at her for leaving them. She has no family support and is doing this completely on blind faith and trust in her Lord. She has a message that she knows is true and their is no greater desire she has than to share it with those people here in New York. I know that the support and love of my familiy has helped me more than anything out here in the field on the rough days. She is one example to me. She is a rock and super good natured, happy, full of the spirit, and just radiates light where ever we go. I know God has sent her directly to my life. She is one of those people that when you meet you almost think you've met before. We both feel that way about each other but I don't know where I would have met her before.... pre-earth? lol. She feels the same. She is from Los Angelos. I admire her strength and love of everything. We've got some rocking goals for the upcoming transfer and I'm hoping the Lord will bless us in our good desires. We just got to keep our chins up about everything and work hard ya? :)

This week was way sweet in that we had a mission conference. Elder Pearson from the quorum of the 70 came and talked to the mission. I just absolutely loved it. It was everything that I needed to feel me right back up to the top full of goodness. I felt the spirit so strong and it was like revelation overload. The amount of revelation in that room was so cool! He talked about a lot of really coool things as well as sister nelson and president Nelson.

We have a goal to read the Book of Mormon as a mission by May 7. We are looking to baptize the rest of our 800 by the end of May as well. Which means we have 201 baptisms to find before then which would be awesome and totally probable and believable as our missionaries go forth with the spiritual power they have been ordained with. Now they just have to act and access it by their faith, obedience, and actions. 2/3 of the church her in New York are first generation or converts to the church. It's amazing to think how many members here are converts to the church and how important it is to keep our generation strong and thriving on spiritual knowledge. There are over 8 million people in the New York South Mission.

"Hearken" what does it mean? To listen and to obey. The first law of heaven is obedience and all other laws are predicated on this divine law. The spirit always hearkens us to listen and change. It is solely up to us. True doctrine understood, will change behavior. The teacher has to be the spirit because the spirit is what changes hearts to change behavior.

True doctrine understood, wil change behavior. Power of structure makes a missionary powerful. Studying and focus for the day in the morning. Personal and pondering reflecting for the day. Reflecting on the day and going to bed on time allows people to be successful. Structue and self discipline in your life provide power and success.


Ovedience=>Faith=>personal righteousness=>Repentance (change)=>Covenants=> Spiritual Power

3 Nephi 5:13

One of your most sacred and powerful things in life is your...

1. Identity- because your identity is made up of vaues, beliefs, rules your attitude, behavior lead to actions ur actions become...REALITY

Prayer is how we find our alignment with God.

-prayer is the way we change ourselves. Not the way that God changes our circumstances. We pray for the spirit of discernment, so that we change ourselves so i have the spirit to say and do exactly what I need to say and so that I can do it. ehlp me to change and know. the pure love of Christ is to change the hearts of his children. Our blessing we receive on the mission are conditional. Conditional on working. Working to obtain blessings. Who am I? I am a disciple of Jesus Christ. I wear his name every day. I am acting in behalf of his name. I use his Holy name every day as I teach, as I pray, and as I think.

Yes there are many religions that teach of Jesus Christ. That believe in "God" but we have one God, one fe, and un bautismo no? It's the same God. The same loving God that sent you here to learn and to grow. I didn't come on the mission to New york to tell people they are wrong. but to help build faith, find truths and come unto christ through being baptized by someone who has the priesthood authority of God. I know this gospel is true. If your willing to do the work, there is nothing that cannot be overcome through the atonement of God. Know your outcome. focus with eye of faith. The mission is simply the training ground for a greater mission ahead. I love you family! May you have a wonderful week.!

Mom, I'm sorry I haven't told you what I want in the package. I've been so busy I haven't had time to really think about it. I LOVE the packages. It makes me feel so loved. Don't worry about making it anything fancy. Seriously. It just makes me feel so good to know you stilll love and miss me :) Don't send me any candy or sweets. I'll just eat them. I love your bread... it's always delicious. I could use some new tights... black, navy, and brown are the colors that I use. Calcium? I love those shoe inserts for support in my shoes if you want to pick 1 or 2 up at Walmart for my boots. I need some Brooners Body Wash. I can't find it here and everything else just doesn't work as good. YOu know that castille soap dad gets from the store? I would love some of that. I have to go buy some new boots. I've already worn the other ones out that you sent me. They were awesome for about the first month and then they started getting water in them and then last week they ripped all the way up the back. I've duck taped them for now but I'm going to have to get some new ones. It makes me look hard core though right? lol. I love getting photos but I'm running out of cool places to put the prints that you send me so you can just attach them to emails from now on if you want :) Whatever you want. I"m not going to complain either way. I got a way cute Valentines package from the rice family this week. All the of marc & stephs cute kids drew me pics and stuff and some goodies. They are so thoughtful I loved it!

Love Krisina