Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Better late than never

Sorry I don't have much time to email today. I barely got to the computer today. Sister Jasso loves to shop.... We don't match in that way but thats a okay lol. P.S. Mom, could you pay my credit card? lol. Jasso forgot her wallet so I had to put some stuff on there.

Hermana Jasso is doing great mom. She is a solid rock. Some days I swear she is training me. She is I think actually. I actually lost my companion a couple of nights coming home on the train. She was right behind me and then I turned around and she was gone! So I went back to the stop thinking that she might have gone back to the ATM for cash and I just didn't see her. Waited for a couple of minutes and then I saw some creeper guy come out of the building so I started walking thinking that she had started walking home since she had keys. Called the other sisters in the apartment and asked her if she had reached the house yet when I could see she wasn't in walking distance of the house. They said no, so started freaking out after waiting for a few minutes and thinking oh no maybe she has been abducted! So then the sisters came out to come help me. Called the rest of the zone that lives in the apartment next to us and had a squat team looking for her. We said a prayer and 2 seconds later the zone leaders called saying oh we found her at the top of the train station. It all turned out good. Reminded me of the good old times with Sister Stephens when I was on a train talking or we would get separated on different trains. We always met right back up cause I would just call her on the phone. Some days are hard but its a growin process right? Hermana Jasso helps me in the language, to enjoy the moment, and to just be real with people. She could use all the support and love though. Her family writes her a weekly email but that is it. I wouldn't call it support cause they are just mad at her for leaving. She has a really supportive RM bf though that writes her often and gives her good advice. You could send her some cash every now and again. Her ward is financing her mission. She has a really awesome ward that really supports her a lot but still there are things the mission doesn't cover. It's always nice to get a little side $ towards the end of the month when things get tight. She is super independent though and determined.

I had some really neat experiences this week. I so felt the spirit filling my mouth with words during lessons this week. Many times I'll struggle to find words for my sentences yet even Hermana Jasso commented after the lessons wow sister you just said that like it was suave. Must have been the spirit in the moment. I felt so grateful knowing that if I continue doing my part that God will do and make up the difference. We had one lesson with this investigator Daniel. He has 2 kids and is separated from his wife. He had been given a BOM before and been reading it and was told he could find answers to all his lifes challenges. Another lesson was with Napoleon and Yolanda. I felt the power of the spirit in the room and for the first time I felt like they were getting it. Found some really great new investigators this week too. Had a lot of other really great old investigators DIE which is always a sad story. I always feel so sad! This is the hardest thing for me. I have these super spiritual experiences with these people. They experience the atonement and find these testimonies yet then they stop doing what they are supposed to and then they falter into old habits so fast and die!!! Shatter my heart into a million peices! It kills me man. Then these other people pop up out of no where and they just walk into the waters of baptism like its no big deal and they've been planning on it for ages. It's stressed me out this past week to the point where I made myself sick. Woke up with a bad head cold. It's these people salvation!
Also had zone conference which was really good. Loved it! All my notes are at home though so i'll have to write some next week.
So I leave with this since I've got to go.

I know that Jesus is the Christ. I bear witness that the Book of Mormon is true and that it separates us from other religions. It contains the fulness of the Gospel. It testifies of Jesus Christ and his teachings for the plan of happiness. It has a power unlike any other book which can be experienced by experimenting on its words. It brings the spirit and centers our thought around Jesus Christ. It leads and protects us. I know that this is christs doctrine and that his Church is on the earth today through the restoration of the gospel through the prophet prophet Joseph Smith. I know Joseph Smith did see God the Father and Jesus Christ and that his fruits and the Book of Mormon are evidence of what he experienced. If that experience is true all mankind have a need to repent and come unto the waters of Baptism by someone holding the priesthood authority of God. I love this gospel so much. It is the light and life. It brings happiness and success. Alma 26:12 Love it.

g2g more next week. Promise.

All my love,

Hermana Lewis

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