Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fish massage

Ok, so I did the COOLEST thing today. I've never heard of it.... till now. So I went to the mall in Siam (which is the biggest mall I've ever seen in my life) and was shopping around. We walked past this spa and there were some girls getting their feet fish! I was like Duang! Look! haha. So I went in and got one too. I can't wait to post the pic so you can see. All you do is rinse your feet off and then you stick it in a gigantic fish tank that has 100's of little fish about an inch long. As you stick your feet into the fish tank they swarm to your feet and start their work. I don't know if its sanitary.... but it was way cool. They eat all the dead skin off your feet and it is the weirdest sensation. With all the fish it feels like a vibrating sensation that just tickles like crazy! It's an awesome massage. I've never done it before so it was an exciting experience.

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