Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Que Hubo? from the Columbian

From: Krisina Lewis

Sent: 1/17/2011 9:48:43 AM

Subject: Que Hubo?

Soy de Colombiana. Just so you all know lol. I don't know how all this exactly came about but evidently I'm anything but my true origination of caucasion. People always think I'm a mix of something. Thai's think i'm asian now the spanish think i'm Spanish.... I don't know. haha. But anyway one of our investigators Napoleon, calls me the colombiana and now other people are picking up on it and its starting to stick. Maybe it is coming from the columbian bakery feddish that I've picked up. Bunuelos and chocolate caliente are the best little bread balls of deliciousness I can think of. Those Colombian bakeries are delicious all around. Darwin is our ward correlator from Ecuador. He comes and teaches with sister stephens and I for member present lessons every now and again. We expounding off the joke of how I am colombiana and he taught me the phrase of the colombians Que hubo? It's the equivalent of Que hay de nuevo? Que Pasa? Que Tal? Como esta? etc. Only the colombians say it I guess. Its fun to have learn all the different lingo of all the different countries. Wow, my spelling is aweful. Perdoname.

Anyway way awesome week. Mom, you are killing me with the questions. lol. I have to have time to write all the cool stuff that happened this week too.

THe friday you were wondering about was just super good. Little miracles here and there and everything was just flowing how it should. That friday a couple of weeks ago was amazing because I finally felt that I was able to feel that purpose I've been looking for here. We had lessons lined up one after another with all really great progressing investigators. We taught Anna, Jose, Jonathan, Napoleon, I felt like the spirit was present in all the lessons and everything I was able to say was because the spirit was guiding and helping me. I felt like I was understanding. My companion and I were working together and were each being edified from teaching as well. I just felt like " this is what a mission should feel like". Jose Sosa also got a baptismal commit that day too which was pretty sweet. He is rockin. I told you some of the things that Jonathan said as we taught him. I just felt so good at the end of the day and it was one of those epiphanies for the mission where you learn a lot and what your trying to aim for and help people feel. I can't really explain it. I'll try and send you a copy mom of my journal entry for the day so you can get some more details. Just know really good things are happening here in the mission and that your prayers and thoughts in my behalf and the those I'm teaching really do come to pass and that I know God is listening. I've been thinking mom, it would be so awesome to go on a mission with you. Is that allowed? We should work that out somehow when I get home. We would rock the mission world together. :)

What did I do for New years?

So I was looking in my drafts and I'm not sure if it sent but I sent it again from last week just in case for the week after new years. New years was good though. We got sent home at 6pm to avoid the streets of new york and all the craziness that goes on. There were so many people out already though shopping and getting ready for the big night. We did our weekly planning that night. Had a little celebration and did cheers to the new year before we went to bed at 10:30 :) It was great. I'm liking this whole 10:30 bedtime thing. Why do people stay up till all hours of the night anyway? lol.

Ancient Grains.

Sad to say I never got any of that ancient grains in my package. However, we did make the elders with the costco card take us last week to get groceries there. I saw the cereal Ancient grains and I said to myself "Self that must be the cereal your mother has been talking about" So I bought some. Oh my! It is deliciouso! I love it. My comp and I are wishing we had bought more! I spent probably a $100 on groceries last week lol. I'm not going to have to go shopping for probably another transfer I'm thinking. lol. Good thing I'll have one more in the area at least. I'm kind of thinking i'll stay here for 5. I've been here for 2.

G-ma's Jam

Best stuff in the whole world. Yes I'm enjoying it much on all this stuff I eat. Grandma's jam has always been the best. Please tell her I love her and I think and pray for her. She is an awesome lady. Couldn't ask for a better grandma that spoils me. She also wrote me this week which I thought was so sweet of her. Let her know I'm thinking about her and to just have faith and all will work together for her good.


Symbria/Mom- The pics you have been sending me totally rock! Symbria, I can't believe how much you are growing! I don't even know if I'm going to recognize you when I get home! Your going to be a grown woman! Did you turn 10 or 11 in October? I was thinking you must be 10 going on 22. You look so cute in your little Chinese clothes and I love the pic of you in front of the Christmas tree with your Christmas sweater! You are beautiful. Keep them coming. I've had pictures developed and a CD to send you now for a couple of weeks. It's just a matter of time to find a way to get to the post office. I have a sad story. So I had a CD you sent me in my backpack so that I could develop some pictures of Thailand and Sun Valley. Guess what happened? The CD got smashed against something and got a big old crack in it. I"m devastated! All my pics from Thailand, graduation, sun valley, etc. Ruined! I think I shed a tear or two. Maybe you could ask Tawn if she could get me a CD of graduation and Sun valley. Maybe Duang if she still has a copy of the Thailand pics that I sent her. Maybe I could get a copy of them. I'm so sad! But I guess everything happens for a reason.


Mother dearest, how I love that bedspread but I have had it since the 4th grade and it has had a lot of wear and tear. Pretty much hashed. I give you permission to DI it though. I'm so excited to see the bedspread you bought in China. I'm sure it is beautiful. What color is it?

Okay I think that's all the things you wanted me to answer. Stories for this week.

Miracle #1

I got to go to the temple and attend a session in Manhatten on Friday. It was amazing! My companion had her farewell temple trip and I was supposed to do exchanges with one of the other leaving sisters companions. Sister Lambert and work our area while the sisters went but when I got to the office to drop sister stephens off. Sister Unga and Sister Lambert had got stuck along the way and were having complications getting to the office. One of the elderly couples that were in charge of the trip just decided it would be easier to take us two sisters with them because of all the stuff that was happening etc etc etc. So, I got to go to the temple with everyone. One of the very few greeny's in history that has the privilege of going to the temple before the half way mark. President and Sister Nelson had a wedding of a former missionary at the Manhattan temple so they came and found us in the waiting room when we got there. President arranged for the temple President and his wife to come speak to us after the session and answer any questions that we might have regarding the temple. It was really good and I enjoyed it. President Nelson also spoke a few words to the departing sisters. He threw in a line about how he had no idea how sister lambert and myself got into the departing temple trip but that it was good to have us. It was a really spiritual experience for me and I enjoyed it very much.

Miracle #2

Jonathan- I am enjoying teaching Jonathan so much. I can't believe how fast he is progressing and eating all this stuff up. He wanted to meet with us every day last week. So now we have been working with him for what, 2 weeks now? Ya we started out with a young man that only believed in the existence of God. God didn't even really have a role in his life he just kind of felt like God was this concept that was real but had never acted upon that. After our lesson on Saturday Jonathan now has a relationship with god through his prayers. He prays everyday and loves it. He has read a good portion of the book of mormon. Started out just thinking it was "interesante"=interesting and now he knows it is true. Which if he knows the book of mormon is true= he knows Joseph smith was a prophet of God who was called to translate the book of mormon throught the power of God. If Joseph Smith was a prophet of God= you know what that means.... THE CHURCH IS TRUE! Oh snap! I think it is a little bit of an emotional overload for him yet it will be okay. The fact that he knows it is true is a little scary for him because he knows he has to change his life a lot. He hasn't come from a perfect little picture and has a lot of things in his life he will have to use the atonement of our savior to overcome. He is rocking though and I know that with the love of the savior and the spirit all things are possible. We told him to pray about his baptismal date for the 30th. I like johnathan because he follows through with what he says he is going to do. He doesn't put up with crap and he gets straight to the point. Part of the reason he has picked up so much so fast. He said to us the other day though. I feel so happy since i've started reading and talking to you and to god. He said, "this isn't normal for me." I've never smiled or laughed this much my whole life". THe gospel of jesus christ truely does change us and help us find happiness.

Miracle #3

Napoleon and Yolanda! They are this cute couple we have found and we want to teach their family! They are so rocking awesome! Napoleaon has been to church 3 times now and Yolanda came for the first time this last sunday. We are teaching some really cool lessons with thiem. I hope things continue to go well there. Well tms out. lvoe you have a good week!

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