Monday, September 20, 2010

Segunda Semana

Hey Fam!

Segundo semana is going great. Always new things to learn in and out of the classroom. I'm giving fair warning in advance that I've noticed as I've been switching my sentences back and forth daily from english to spanish, grammar in english is getting worse and worse..... not that it was ever perfect before but its getting worse haha. So forgive me.

Okay so I think I mentioned I was in the Matthew Cowley building but might have failed to mention the ghettoness of it.... lol. I had the great privledge of coming home after class earlier this week to find all the doors propped open. Evidently the sewage had backed up 2 inches in the basement and the smell was welll..... you know.... fragrant. So I'm pretty sure the rest of this week all my clothes and everything have had a lovely aroma I am more than anxious to go away. Flu season has definitely hit and I am chuggin the vitamins. I think I went through a whole bottle of AirBourne this week and I'm taking multivitamins everyday. My companion has been sick along with another hermana in my room but so far i'm doing fine. Llavamos los manos!

Mom I seriously had the perfect stuff to write you this week but I left all my notes in my backpack and my 1/2 hour of time is about to expire in 3 minutos. That's what happens when I get wonderful emails from my sisters. Life is good though. I promise to write you some stuff in spanish this next p-day. I had to give the openiing prayer in sacrament in spanish this last sunday. I could barely think straight I was thinking so hard in spanish haha. It was good though. Spanish is coming along well though. Love it.

I see Caitie Swallow almost every day. It's like a party in the MTC. I run into jordan mills, Caitie swallow, Tj Schreyer, Ethan Michaels, Kyle Stephens, Shalae Steadman, Ryan Margetts. It's a party from SUU etc. haha its great though I love it. Missionary work galore!


Hermana Lewis

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