Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hola! Krisina is good at the MTC

I know that is such a lame subject line. Sorry :) lol.

This week has turned out to be a superb week! Things have definitely started progressing and things are good. We have 2 elders in my district leaving to finish their training int the Guatemala MTC for their last 6 week. Hermana Bozeman was supposed to go to spain but just like mexico Visa's are being delayed and so she doesn't know how long it is going to take for the visa to actually come through. I'm happy though because that leaves more sisters in the district. The elders should get to Guatemala right about the same time as the Hurricane storm. lol. We will miss them dearly there is always a new dynamic to the group when members leave. Exciting stuff though.

I am so stinkin excited for Conference next week! Ah! It should be exciting. They have a MTC priesthood choir singing at one of the sessions so you will have to look for Elder Lewis from my district. Not that you know what he looks like but we get asked all the time if we are related. He is spanish speaking to the NY South mission as well so it's just funny. We are going to tell the mission prez that we are cousins when we get to NYC. He is from Oregen and has been going to the Y. Ironically we figured out that his sister was my visiting teacher the summer that I lived in Provo. Laura Lewis was one of the best people I met when I lived in Provo. She is the ONLY visiting teacher that has ever come to visit me regularly and she even continued to check up on me when I went down to Cedar city for the next semester. She was the awesome. Elder Lewis says he and his sister are 2 or the 14 lewis's in his family. His poor mother... haha I can only imagine. Actually I guess I can't but I wouldn't ever want to have to. haha.

Uh... So Madre, do you think you could put some church music together and send it to me? Branch President would like me to put a musical number together with the otra hermana's. They have a music department here where I can rent a violin and stuff. Ijust need some music... And not to mention the fact that I miss playing a lot more than I thought I would. Any church arrangements for violin or piano, voice, would be lovely! :) Thanks Oh and P.S> I got Caitie's talks. Thank you! I see her pretty much every day. She just radiates light. Ya know that?

I've met this Elder named, Elder Resabala, from NY. He is from my mission area and gave me a bunch of referrals and people to see when I get there. He is so stinkin awesome about pumping me up for the mission. I'm so Stoked. He is an older missionary being a convert and he shared with my companion and I how his family came to know the gospel. Seeing the gospel bring families together like that is so why I want to go on a mission! The atonement of Jesus Christ is amazing and has the power to overcome all adversity and heal all pain. It's a tricky thing sometimes in figuring out how to use it but it is so worth it.

I see Elder Schreyer pretty much breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He just got made district president and I wish you could see the light and excitement its put into his soul. IT's Awesome! Just like him. He is going to accomplish great things as he nurtures the light and love of Jesus Christ and it's quite the journey to experience :) I love it. It's so funny to walk around the MTC and find all the family friends and jael's little elder friends. I found out today that all the elders are intimidated to teach me and my companion. We are the "sister missionaries" the "all knowing" BAH! I wish! I am truely amazed at all the missionaries here and how they do and desire good. Missionaries are really just able to step up to the plate and become just so much more than they are with god. "With God All things are possible.".

Mom tell brad I leave the 8 or 9 th of November I'm not sure but one of those 2 days.

El hogar es el mejor lugar para ensenar aprender y poner en practica los principios del evangelio de jesucristo. El hogar que esta establecido en los principios del evangelio sera un lugar de fefugio y seguridad.

love krisina

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