Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I love the MTC

SYMBRIA & Auntie Cheryl HaPpY BiRtHdAy! You are so awesome! Know that I am thinking of you and I'm so glad you belong to a part of my life/family. I am a lucky soul :)


I can't believe you are going to CHINA this week! That is so insane it has come so fast. Is dad going? I can't believe it! You are going to have so much fun! Remember how I thought about extending my papers for like 5 seconds in hopes that I might come with you? lol Tell Allen hello for me. I'm sure he'll be lovin on Grams just like always. lol. And don't worry about getting me anything in china or whatever you find is fine. I was thinking... do you think that the beds will aready have comforters int he mission home? Will I want to carry that from transfer to transfer? I will need a comferter I just don't know if I need to bring one to the mission feild or not. They just told me to bring sheets. If you find an awesome sweet twin one for my mission buy it and send it for Christmas, if not just one for the queen bed at home is fine. I hear there is a big bed bug epidemic going on in New York right now. No se. I'm not too worried. :) Postcard would be SWEET from China!

Thank you for the music. Its awesome. I 've played a couple of times. Would you be willing to send me that Yiruma song. I am dying to figure it out it's been playing in my head and it's reverent.... lol. I got your other package!!!!!!!!!! Jenna, Mom, YW.... you rock! I can't tell you how happy it made me to get the sweet notes, candy, bread, jam, etc. Our ward rocks!! P.S. mom, Elder Mills stopped me in the cafeteria the other day to make sure I told you thank you for the bread. He devoured the whole thing in one sitting he said. He loved it muchas mas. Gracias Senora, from Elder Mills. :) YOu make some happy missionaries around here.

Hey when you send my coat liner to the Mission home could you do me a favor and stick that black wool skirt that I took out of my suitcase last minute in there? I think its so cute and I could really use it this winter. That would be awesome if you could find it in that spare room.

Mom, and family, I can't thank you enough for your thoughts prayers and letters. Mom I feel very privledged for a wonderful mom that never leaves me out of her prayers and writes me daily. It means the world to me. :) Happy Missionary right here. :) I love gettting Jaclyn's letters. I don't have enough time to read them on the computer and its too much hassle to try and find a printer for the computer but that day you forwarded it on DEARELDER works great! I love hearing what Jaclyn is up to. I would also love it if you could forward me Marissa's emails when you get the chance for the next little bit. I know her mom posts them to her blog as well. If you could slip them in every now and again that works awesome. Hey if you think about it.. I got that dearelder from Boonseon about the grapeseed extract. I'm out of the airborne and vitamins I was taking. Do you think you could find some of that grapeseed extract she was talking about in her email? I looked for some at the bookstore. They didn't have any. If not, its okay. I'll survive just fine. I've just been trying to do everything to keep my immune system up. So far its worked :)

Dad! Wow, I wanted to offer my congrats on the big business recognition!!!!!! How was the dinner in Texas with the big boys? Wahoo! Mom says they gave you a trip to Japan? What does that entail? You go with other business people or mom or family or waht? :) Congratulations. I'm so proud of you. You definitely deserve it. There is no man more phenomenal than my daddy. "my daddy is my favorite pal and I love him all the day. Its plain to see I want to be like you in every way" That's my favorite primary song that we sung at the fathers day primary program each year. Very true. I want to thank you for giving me every good opportunity in this life and being the wonderful man that you are. I look up to you a lot.

So I made a cool connection this week. My companion Sister Casiano get mail from all these random people in her family and I looked at one of the return addresses on one of her letters this week and noticed it said Brandermill Cove Murray UT. I thought to myself. "Self, that address is right next to my house. Those people are in my ward I do believe." Come to find out, Carissa Lords is her cousin. Jenna, isn't Carissa Lords one of your friends? Aren't they in our ward? I thought it was kind of a cool small world connection. It's a small world and an even smaller world in the church lol.

Symbria- I was wondering. Do you remember where we stopped reading in the New Testament. I know we were in Luke but I was hoping you had it marked or knew. Otherwise, we should start over in Luke and then we can start talking about what we are reading about and finish the new testament together.

This experience is wonderful. Its a kind of richness and joy I have never experienced before. I love it. I thank god every day for the opportunity he has given me to serve. This is his church. He restored it through the prophet Joseph Smith. I feel so grateful for the knowledge of the gospel and am so excited to serve. I love you all.


Hermana Lewis

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