Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ak fin de esta Semana ab el CCE


So I had some really good moments this week. I think I wrote about Elder Nelson's talk last week. This Tuesday Elder Richard G. Scott came to talk the CCE (MTC) and it was legit! Really powerful speaker. He spoke on the Holy Ghost and receiving revelation and increasing your comprehension. He made a handout for all of the missionaries with his points and we received a copy in our district meetings. I wrote so many personal notes that night. The spirit was so strong and I received a lot of personal insight into my own life. I love it. Elder Scott was specifically warm towards the sisters. He has such a special place for us in his heart it made me melt. I never felt love from an apostle like that before. He said some really neat things that I know will be a helpful reminder on my mission. In his words he said, " by the authority of the authority of the apostleship I invoke a protective sheild on the sister missionaries. As you exercise your faith in this sheild you will be protected. you will be aware of any inpending danger so that you can be protected by the lord." He also invoked "the gift of Tongues. Through faith as missionaires we will find it easier and more quickly. with faith you will communicate, learn, and retain more effectively. I invoke the blessing of confidence. For you are far more prepared for your mission than you could possibly imagine".

Story #2 (which is awesome I might add) - Mother I received your dear Elders earlier this week. In my opinion I think that they should call it dear.sister but whatever. They must be bias. Entonces, I read your letter about that Mongolian sister that you sat by on the plane ride home. I loved hearing the story but inside I was doubtion the chances of me running into her. There are so many asian people running around the MTC and the majority of them don't speak English. And if they do I don't know it because we are all trying to learn or practice the language we will be procelyting in. So the chance that I will run into this Mongolian sister out of 2500 missionaries is very slight in my head. Especially if I can't even communicate effectively. I even told the missionaries in my district the story and they rolled their eyes thinking it was near impossible for me to meet this sister. Yet I did notice my eyes glancing at sister missionary tags more often trying to find a wierd mongolian last name. I had almost given up by the end of the week and was sitting in the fireside last night with my companion minding my own business. 2 sister missionaries walked passed me and for some weird reason they drew my attention as they were walking past. All I could see were their backs as they were walking away but I could tell one of them was Asian. And then it happened. The spirit just said, "That's her, go talk to her". I hadn't even seen her face! nor her name tag and I just knew it was that girl that you were talking about mom. It was the wierdest thing! So anyway, the fireside started and the girls sat down in a section of the auditorium within eye distance. I occasionally glanced over thinking how crazy it was that I was actually going to just go up and assume this random girl was the same girl you met on that plane on the way home from China. Yet it would be even more of a waste if I ignored the feeling and did nothing at all. After the fireside I quickly went over to the 2 sister missionaries. The Asian sister had hair covering her tag and I couldn't see what it said but I was standing right in front of her so I had to say something. So I said, "are you from Mongolia?" she said yes. I then said, "Are you serving in Czech Republic?" and she looked at me in surprise and in broken English and astonishment said "Yes". My heart skipped a beat. I then went into the process of trying to explain that my mom had sent me to find her. And it didn't take too long for us to connect the dots and we immediately imbraced in a hug and became instantaneous friends. She excitedly flipped through her book and looked at my name tag and told me she had been looking for me. IT was AWESOME! She thought you were really awesome mom ;) It was the greatest feeling. I also talked to her companion to try and find out any more details. Her companion is from the states and told me that this Mongolian sister had been trying to tell her about me the day she got here and that she wanted to find the daughter of this girl's mom she had met on the plane. The companion had thought the same thing as me in that there is no way in the world we are going to be able to find some random sister missionary out of 2500. Yet the Lord intervenes sometimes and grants tender little mercies every day. Anyway mom, I thought you should know I met her. I still can't say her name right, or spell it for that matter but she is a wonderful young woman and she does have a wonderful spirit that will bless many people's lives.

I don't know if I will be able to write next week. Quei sas... pero no se. I'm flying out on Monday Morning for New York!!!!! I'm so excited! I love you family!

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