Monday, November 22, 2010

I have arrived. Rego Park Brooklyn NYC

How I love New York! I'm in an area of Brooklyn called Rego Park. It is amazing! I went to the Spanish ward for the first time yesterday. It's an all Spanish ward which is awesome! So much diversity in New York; it is nuts! My area is very heavily populated by Spanish speakers. It is very rare I walk down the street of New York and hear English. When I do hear English I barely recognize it as English. There are so many types of people here. Lots of languages and lots of people from all over the world. A good part of the ward is from columbia, mexico, and ecuador. The ward takes really great care of us. I've been getting to know many of them from the dinner appointments and such. I've eaten so many types of new food this week. It is so good! Food from Columbia, Mexico, Bolivia.... etc etc etc. I was able to understand some of the church meeting but by the end of church my head was swimming. El obispo called me up to the stand to introduce myself and bear my testimony in spanish in front of the ward. It was a good experience.

My trainer is AMAZING! I love her. We live in a place just outside of our area with a couple of English sisters. They tease me that I'm a mini Hermana Stephens. We have many similar interests etc. My trainer is from Kansas. She had appointments scheduled for us from day one. My first day in the feild we had three appointments. We are teaching this cute family from the Dominican Republic. We are also teaching Adriano from Ecuador and another little lady from Mexico. She is teaching me some awesome things and I feel so grateful to have her. Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts in my behalf. It's almost like I can feel them carrying me and I know that the Lord is with me. Anyway i love you so much ! Today is packed and I don't have my full time to email today but I will give you more details as I can. :) The church is true and God will show his hands in your life as you reach out to him and look. Love you all.

Sister Lewis

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