Monday, March 21, 2011

Conquisto el Mundo


What's up? I love you so much! K so God never ceases to surprise me in litttle miraculous ways. Transfers were Tuesday and I received a brand new Sister. Sister Nelson is from Wyoming. She has lived in St. George for the last 5 years and went to Dixie. Her family was very surprised when she told them that she wanted to go on her mission and that she was going to be turning in her papers. It's interesting to see how sister missionaries have been perceived over the last decade but how we are constantly receiving more and more sisters. It's becoming the popular thing to do people! Because it's the bbest!!!! Anyway I'm just glad that she had the strength and courage to do it despite the pressure from friends and family. She comes from a part member family and hasn't always been active her whole life. Once she came back to church though she said it was a whole perspective change for her and her whole life has changed because of it. All I can say is I am so glad she came into my life. She is the biggest support and loves to work. She is absolutely halarious. She makes me laugh so hard. We have experienced so many tender mericies in the last week. God has definitely been guiding us and we have been able to reap the blessing from doing our very best. She didn't speak any spanish before the MTC but she understands pretty much everything during lessons and she is also able to get any point she wants to across to our investigators.

I'm in a pickle right now because all the investigators that we are working with aren't progressing much and it's because they aren't coming to church. So being the trainer I'm trying to decide to I want to just drop them like that and go do finding all the time. Back off a little at how much we visit them which would really make them just fall of the face of the planet. Or keep teaching seeing if my new comp can help me in a way that we weren't able to teach in the past and give her some more practice in lessons etc with people we have a relationship with... decisions decisions. But as I have been pondering I've been amazed at how a bunch of little miracles have passed in our path.

Our first lesson together was with Maritza after transfer meeting. Maritza is the one that has a sister in Maryland that is a member. It was a good lesson. We gave her a book of mormon to read and she opened up a lot to us about how before she joined her other church 3 months ago she didn't trust in God. She didn't have the heart that she does now. She also explained how she had confusion about which church she should be listening to. Her church told her she shouldn't listen to the mormons anymore (duh, of course they said that) but that she like talking with us and feels good about the things that we talk about. She is such a nice lady and she is very patient. We just need to get her to start reading. I asked her to read but when I've called to check up on her she hadn't read. So pray that we will get her to start progressing. She is way cool and I really feel good about her.

The other thing is that we have had so many random people fearlessing us lately. For example, 2 days ago we were walking down the street and this Dominican guy greeted us sisters and was like que lo que!? Started talking to him and discovered that he was a member and he hasn't been to church hardly at all sine he moved her from the DR. He was baptized almost 11 years ago and should be in our ward. So then we asked him if minded if we passed by sometime this upcoming week. He told us of course anytime. So we had a return appointment with him last night. Went to his house last night. Way fun, crazy, loud, dominican family. Pretty typical. But they totally greeted us and just welcomed us into the home. Taught a little bit abou tthe restauracion. Mom isn't a member and a lot of his nieces and nephews etc. So there is some good potential there. The mom talked about how she had a grandson on a mission right now and her home was our home whenever we wanted. They were super nice. Loved it and I'm hoping we can get some potential in helping the rest of the family become members and reactiviating the other members too.

Then the other night me and sister Nelsen were practicing our spanish while we were in the midst of getting on the train. I could tell this guy was looking at us just full of curiousity I think it was because we were in such a good mood. That doesn't happen often here in New York so many people look depressed etc. So we started talking to him and gave him a card. I give out so many cards in a day okay, rarely do they call back or want to come to church. The always say they want to but hispanics a lot of the time they are all talk and no action. My comp was so stoked when we got off the train and she was like " I just know he is going to call us" i said I sure hope so. Well guess what happened after planning, Sebastian from the train called us and he wanted to meet with us to learn more about who the heck we were and what he Book of Mormon card was for. So we are supposed to meet with him at the church today.

Then also this morning I was on the bus reading a restoration phamlet in Spanish and I look up and see this guy looking at me. He asked me if he could have one of what I was reading. I said por su puesto! Of course! haha from columbia really awesome. He too, I think might call us and we could see what good could come from that. I'm super grateful for all these cool expeiences the lord is blessing us with.

Pray that we will be able to contact Jonathan. He has been really busy with work lately yet he always calls us back when he is done. but I can not get a hold of him for the life of me. He hasn't come to church now for 2 weeks and I'm not sure what to do. He is so awesome! I know one of the reasons president has left me here so long is because of Jonathan. He's come so far and I really think my heart might shatter if decides to forget everything he has learned up to this point. Change is hard. It's hard to change your life. Really and truely yet it is so worth it! Pray that some miracle will be able to take place the next couple of days and that he is okay and still pressing forward.

I'm almost done with Alma in the BOM. It's been really cool to be reading the BOM as a mission. I'm learning a lot. I read about the stripling warriors and how they obtained their power from god. I like to compare myself to them and know that I"m part of a strong and undefeatable army as long as we put our complete faith in god and strive to follow his promptings of the holy spirit. Mission is a cool thing. Very interesting and definitely a journey. Love you all

Con Amor,

Hermana Lewis

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