Monday, April 25, 2011

Feliz Pascua

Hey fam! Sup!

Guess what!? I'm staying here for another transfer! Woot Woot! Transfer calls came in on Saturday and Sister Nelsen and I are going to be serving together for another transfer here in Rego Park. I"m so excited! I've really come to love this area. I absolutely adore sister Nelson and I don't think we can ask for a better companion. So this will be interesting! :) This will be my 5th tranfer in the area. So I will reach my 1/2 way mark at the end of this following transfer in June. It's crazy to think I served the first half of my mission in one area but at the same time I'm absolutely thrilled. Just means that the Lord has more work he intends for me to do here. I already see so many reasons why I was intended to be in this area and how different my life and other people's lives would be if God hadn't placed me here in the beginning. I was praying for another transfer with sister Nelson so i'm happy as a peace. Elder Parker and district leader Elder Carnohan are leaving from our area so we will miss them.

Sister Nelson has lost her voice this week so that has left me to do the teaching. That was interesting because I've never taught by myself before but it worked out well and we saw some miracles, some success, and were able to be a part of some baptismal commits for this upcoming week. Some members came out with us this week to help me teach. It's so crazy to feel the spirit just helping you speak. I know I speak a lot better when I'm teaching and people are better able to understand me. I feel so grateful for the gift of tongues. It's amazing. Truely amazing. I called up Ylsa this week as well to check up on her. Her brother was in town visiting her and he had some good conversations with her. He called me later after I called Ylsa and told me that he had talked to her. She had some desire instilled to continue learning and coming closer to the gospel. He gave me the impression that we should stop by occasionally. Thank you for your prayers. He thanked me and was so extremely nice. I wish with all my heart I had handled her original situation with more tac. I don't know how I would have changed it but I can just almost sense the longing in her brothers voice, Elder Dominguez. He is really nice and very patient. I wish I could be the same. So he asked me for the temple number and then wished us well. He went back to the DR on the 22.We have some new investigators that are really awesome. I'm hoping that they progress and that we are able to meet with them. Little miracles on the mission. I tell you.

Wow, sounds like an awesome week. Lots of good things happening in the family. It blows my socks that Kelsi had her shower and all that jazz. I can’t believe she is going through the temple. I am so extremely happy for her. It's so weird to think how our families have grown up together All the wonderful memories have woven a bond of deep friendship that has become something more like family. I feel like I have a sister getting married. Wish I could be there but I know that even though life has a way of taking us different directions for a time, in the end our destination is the same. It ends up all good in the end. That's one of the great treasure we have to look forward too.

P.S. I'm so down for a cruise next summer. hahaha I will not have any complaints. If there is no price limit or we get to give input I vote Mediterranean.

Fam are you still going to Japan this month? Or are things still too bad over there?

Congrats Auntie Ann on your Graduation! You are awesome!

Jenna I want to officially say congrats on elected student body officer!!!! That's amazing! I'm so happy for you.

Family I love you! I need to prepare a lesson for a FHE tonight. We are taking an investigator to Bishops tonight to teach so I g2g but I'll write more next week. Love you!

Love Hermana Lewis

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