Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Investigators

Hey familia,
Always good to email you.  I am doing so well.  Life is good.  Hmmmm.....
Well I guess I'll just give you a summary of the cute people we are teaching right now.
Carlos- has lots of addictions and is fully aware of his weaknesses so he found us and wants to change.  Hopefully we'll see real soon how serious he is about changing.  i've seen the power of the atonement change people's lives.  IT's real. I know it is and anyone that wants it bad enough and will work for it can see it change their life too.  It is a very real thing indeed.
Familia de Blanca-  They are a little family from Puerto Rico. Super cute.  We really want to start teaching them more and seeing a greater desire to change. They have had many hard things happen in their lives and it's going to take a little bit of work to get that to start to heal in regards to the atonement but they have great potential.
Familia Leon-  Mom, this lady seriously reminds me of you in looks.  Lina is pretty energetic and always on the go to.  She loves the mormons!  Always has wanted to be one and sees that they are super happy people.  Her sister, Mariela was the first one that started talking to the missionaries.  She walked into the church a couple of years ago to watch general conference.  Sister Harry and I have extended a couple of baptismal dates for their family which they have been working towards but we haven't baptized them yet because they aren't coming to sacrament.  They will come to the other 2 classes but they always come at 2 instead at 1.  For some reason when we tell them they need to come to sacrament it they always come late and say they had to eat breakfast? lol.  So Hopefully they start progressing a little more. I love their family!  So mom, since she is like you and she hasn't quite grasped yet that the gospel is EVERYTHING, how can i tell her that her business needs to go AFTER church? lol It's crazy to think as missionaries we are asking to change their lives, the way they think and the habits they have that they don't see as bad.... just not great. lol.  Her husband likes talking to us, but he always says "i have my own beliefs" but he started reading a little in the BOM, if he keeps reading it always hooks them so hopefully that will be good. 
Marianna Montes- She is the mom of a Sister Harry's recent convert from last week. They are another family from Columbia and Marianna is the one that loves teaching Sister Harry and I how to Cook. She says she wants to get baptized but her dream is to get baptized with her autistic son so that her husband will start coming to church with the family.  The husband Ismael is super nice to us but always excuses himself or walks out when we start teaching.  Andy the 12 year old autistic boy is absolutely amazing but he has a hard time wearing pants in the summer for church and also has a hard time around a lot of people so I can see why Marianna wants to wait to bring him to church.  I really hope Sister Harry gets to stay here another transfer because she has a pretty special bond with their family.  Pray that Marianna will be able to understand the importance of the restoration.
Johana-  She is super awesome.  We went to a BBQ for the 4th of July at a member's home. She is the only member in her family and she had about 15 other family members there so we had some good times talking.  We talked to Johana the most.  She is late 20's from Columbia. She has only been in the states for about the same amount of time that I've been in New York.  She loves studying other cultures and traveling.  She actually went to thailand for vacation a while ago so we had a connection there. She has a heart of pure gold. She loves learning about religion but hadn't ever learned anything about the mormons so she was the one that eventually ended up inviting us over to come teach her.  She wanted to go to an institute class with us so we went with her on Tuesday and then we went to teach her and her mom with the Presidents wife on Thursday. They cooked this big columbian meal for us after the lesson which was super nice.  Really nice family.  One of my favorite people that I've met on my mission so I pray that God will give us the opportunity to keep teaching them. It could go either way at this point.  Pray that she really finds a testimony through the book of Mormon and that she will be able to change her work schedule so that she can come to church.
Anyway love you all.
More next week.
hermana Lewis.

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