Monday, December 5, 2011

Mom, I think some of these pictures are the same but a couple of them are new.  I'll give you the narrative on them.

Helen Rojas is a member from Peru.  She just recently came a couple of months before I got here.  She is so sweet and loving and kind.  She has a testimony like a rock and she came out to teach with us for a day last wednesday.  She has a heart of gold and came here to help her mom and her three little brothers.  She misses her ward back in Peru and misses her family there but came to New York because she loves her mom and wants to support her.

Then this is a picture of the turkey bowl on Thanksgiving with all the missionaries.

This is the Mendoza family that I have just come to love with all my heart.  I can't tell you their whole story right now but they are so wonderful.  I have seen so many miracles with them and their family since sister Gray and I were led to them a couple of months ago. Right now Wendy and Rey are working towards marriage as their next step.  Rey has never participated in any church before and never felt the need to until now.  He has been to church a couple of times since we started visiting them.  Wendy is unlike any investigator I have ever seen.  Her faith and dedication to God is just incredible.  For instance last night she called us after church.  Sister Gray was talking to her on the phone.  We haven't even brought up/talked about tithing yet and she called us to ask us where she can get the forms to pay tithing.  She told Sister Gray that she feels like she is robbing God.  She was pretty dissapointed when we told her that this is a blessing she can receive after she is baptized. She is pretty legit.  We had a very special last night.  She had invited the elders over because she had wanted a blessing.  The elders came over with a member for the blessing.  Wendy was very touched and I think as well as her family.

There are two little girls that are pretty much the cutest things that you could ever imagine.  Ashleigh is the daughter of Wendy and Rachael is the daughter of Ada and the 2 have them have grown up like sisters but the 2 girls are so close in age they are also best friends.  The girls just run to the door when Hermana Gray and I come to visit.

Mom we loved the candy necklaces/count down calendars you made us.  Thank you so much for your love.

This is at thanksgiving Dinner at the Fuentes Home.  Fuentes are some of my favorite people in the whole world.  Hermana Fuentes just had a baby about 3 weeks ago and she didn't want to be in the picture so she put her baby in front. lo..

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