Monday, December 26, 2011

Flor gets baptized- the best Christmas present ever!

Well family it was very nice to talk to you.  It's weird to think next time I talk to you I will be there in person.  Weird.  I just want to say thanks again for all of your thoughtfulness and your goodness to me.  All of you!  Friends, family, and relatives.  I would name names except for I know that I would leave somebody out without meaning to and I just wouldn't want that.  Anyway it was a very merry Christmas indeed and I want to thank you for all your love and support you send my way.

Anyway, it was a really fun week.  Packed but really great.  I know that I kind of told you this on the phone but Alondra/Flor, she did get baptized yesterday.  I think that is a pretty good gift to give Christ for Christmas.  It was really great.  Its just so cool how God prepares people's hearts and one experience leads them to the next step in your life. I don't know if you already made the connection but Alondra is one of the very first people I ever met in Brentwood.  She had talked with missionaries in the past but never got baptized due to personal issues.  Her novio recently died and it has led her to some soul searching.  It was a really cool baptism to be a part of.  We just had a sacrament meeting yesterday because of Christmas.  Wendy, Rey, and Anderson, Justo, and Flor all received the Holy Ghost during the meeting. Wendy was crying from joy as she went back to her seat after receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost.  It was pretty cool to see all of them standing up in front of the congregation.  A very special moment for all of us sisters.  Some of the most special moments of our mission.  Life is so good as a missionary.

Well it's been so long since I've talked to you all.  I guess I'll just tell you what we did as a summary.  Christmas Eve was beautiful.  We had a mission conference in Rego and all of us missionaries got to meet together to enjoy a very nice Christmas dinner and musical program.  It was really fun.  There were a few elders that went all out to make sure it was a nice Christmas for all of us missionaries.  President Nelson bought all the sisters pepper spray.  I actually think that was a very sensible gift to give us.  lol.  The chapel and cultural hall were all decorated very nicely.  I was able to play the violin for one of the musical numbers.  I'll try and send you a recording of it. 

All the Hispanics celebrate Christmas on the 24 and then the 25 is just kind of relax day so we went and visited families for the 24th. All 6 of us missionaries were invited over to the Familia Montenegro from Ecuador for a noche de hogar and and navidad cena.  It was really wonderful then we all went over to Rey and Wendy's for Honduranean Navidad Tamales which were also really delicious.

Christmas day I had the privilege of talking to my family.  We exchanged gifts and then ran to the church to get the baptism underway for alondra.  Sacrament was really good. Hermana Gray played organ, Hermanita myra cabrera played her first piano song in sacracment and me on the violin.  Myra was so excited she was acting just like a  little kid.  She is so funny. She is Dominican and a little bit wild.  I absolutely love her to death.  She let me borrow her violin so that we could play a little duet trio thingy.  We played venid adoremos.  I think that's oh come all ye faithful ;).  It was really cool. 

After church we went to the Majano's and they entertained us and gave us Christmas dinner.  Pan con pollo.  Rico!  I'm just telling you now, I don't know what I'm going to do without Hispanic food when I get home.(probably loose a few pounds-chiste/but seriously.) but I have come to love it a lot.  It's super good.  We also went to wendy and Rey's.  Their girls are the  cutest things that ever walked the planet.  We also visited with the family lee.  The lee's grandkids were over and they are darling.  I will try and attach a few video's today.  Hopefully it works.  Their little girl Elizabelly was singing Santa Claus is coming to town for us. 

Oh mom just so you know. ... the tea ring didn’t turn out to be a complete disaster. I let it rise for about 3 hours and then decided to bake it and it's good. Or at least I think it is. ... i barely got to try it before the other sisters had consumed all of it!  They seemed to like it and they were impressed. I'll try and attach the clip of sister gray making bread.  IT was pretty entertaining.

Love you all

Hermana Lewis.

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