Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy New Year

January 2 2012
Well, it's official.  I"m out and about to new and bigger things. I'm getting transferred tomorrow. I have no idea where I'm going but I'm pretty sure I will finish my mission in that area considering I only have 2 transfers left. I hope I get to serve in Brooklyn. I'm so sad, but excited for the new adventures that are coming my way.  So send any mail and such to the mission office cause I"m no longer at 22 Woodlawn... :)

I couldn't have left on a better note.  Hermana Gray and I had another baptism together yesterday.  It was a great way to finish up the transfer.  Ada Aguilar is a neighbor of Wendy and her fam.  After she attended the baptism of Wendy and her family we knew that she was down.  We've been teaching Ada pretty much every day this last week preparing her and supporting her in her desire to be baptized.  She is such a wonderful young woman.  I know I keep talking about Rachel and Ashley, and Rachel is the Daughter of Ada.  Ada was so happy after she got out of the font and she was crying as she felt the love of her heavenly father, the missionaries and support of the ward.  It was just a really great moment. Wendy and Ashley sang the special musical number with us hermanas before the actual baptism. Spirit was super strong, such a sweet feeling. We sang teach me to walk in the light.  I just feel so blessed with all the success that God has given us this transfer.  God really does answer prayers.  I know it and I know every single one of the baptisms we had this transfer was because god entrusted them unto us.  People that have changed my life forever and will always have a special place in my heart.  Wendy and Rey told me last night that they are already planning a special trip to Utah next winter and they want to come visit our family.  I told them, of coarse!  I also promised anderson that I would teach him how to snowboard.

I also was assigned to talk in Sacrament meeting because it was missionary Sunday. I was the first out of the 4 missionaries to speak.  I summarized parts of Elder Ardern and Elder Perry's talk conference about missionary work, goals, and time.  The only other time that I've actually talked in front of the ward in sacrament was in Rego my first week of the mission.  It was fun for me to compare the 2 feelings and realize how much I've learned in the last year.  I love this ward and I feel really grateful for them.  As I was speaking I could see Hermano y Hermana Majano crying as I told the ward I was leaving. It was such a beautiful moment to see the whole family of Wendy and Rey Mendoza sitting with their kids and now their beloved neighbor and her daughter.  Hermano Lee is in the bishopric and he was conducting the sacrament meeting.  He changed the closing song to "God be with you till we meet again."  I'm the pianist so  he came over to the piano and whispered to me which hymn we were going to sing and said we dedicate this song to you.  Thank you for all of your service and what you have done for this ward.  It just made me feel really good inside and feel really grateful for the wonderful people I have had the privilege of working around. 

After church I went and visited Jennifer and Maurice's family's from first transfer here in the ward.  Neither one of them were in my area I opened up with sister gray so it was so good to go and visit them and be able to take good bye pictures and stuff.  I went to Ada's for dinner.  Everyone was throwing a big party for Rachel who just turned 6.  Rachel had been at her dad's for her birthday so she hadn't been at church when I told everyone that I was leaving but Rachel ran out of the house and said Hermana Louis your leaving me? When? When are you coming back?  Rachel and Ashley played with me all night long  and were extra good to give me special attention. lol. I'm so going to miss them.

Which brings up a good point mom, dad.... when are we coming back? jajjaja.  Mom I know your down for it... Dad?  Anyway I think it would be fun to come back a couple of weeks after I get home to come and visit New York, go see some shows and visit/etc. If it's at all possible. I don't know I haven't really talked to you about it and you haven't really mentioned anything. Food for thought.

Well I have a ton of things I got to do. I'll try and email more next time.  I love you all I think you are great.  Sorry this email is short but g2g.

Love de mi corazon

Hermana Lewis

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