Monday, February 13, 2012

Donde se va?

February 13, 2012

Well we finished another transfer.  Come and gone and seriously has passed by so fast.  Don't worry I still have 1/12 of my mission left but I'm scared to blink the time seems to be just slipping through my fingers.  I can't believe that this is my last transfer. This week in studies I read such a wonderful talk in the conference issue of last October.  It was about missionary work and the Elder talked about how one of the missionary’s milestones is a departing interview.  A missionary is called to serve in the mission that will help them grow according to their needs and situations.  The Lord knows exactly who your companions will be and the people you are to serve in specified areas.  It gave an example of a missionary from Spain that was called to Arizona.  While there he met a member that was actually returned missionary that was the missionary that baptized his father in spain.  His father was the only person this returned missionary was ever able to baptize on his mission.  The returned missionary had felt like he had failed not knowing if he had really ever done any good on his mission.  This missionary then turned to the man and said do you have any idea what significance that one baptism has had on me and my family?  My father soon met a wonderful woman of the church which he married in the temple.  I am the 4th of 6 children to serve a full time mission.  All of those married were in the temple.  They are now starting their own families that are sealed under the covenant.  My whole life was changed because of the 2 years of service you gave as a missionary in my home city. 

I was so touched by this talk.  I shared it with Sister Harry and we both just cried as we talked about what a marvelous work we are a part of.  I cried as I looked back on all the wonderful people I have met and how they have changed my life for good.  I know that I have been called to serve as a disciple of Jesus Christ here in New York.  I have had so many sweet and tender experiences.  The spirit is such a real thing.  The spirit is such a real thing and it’s beautiful to see it heal the wounds that have been hurting for so long.  God truly is a God of miracles.  I know that my decision to come on my mission will be a decision I will treasure the rest of my life.

We received transfer calls on Saturday and Sister Harry is leaving for bigger and better things.  I will be taking over the area.  We will be going to transfer meeting on Tuesday.  I think that we might be having a trio here but if not then we will see what other surprises President Nelson has up his sleeve.  lol.  I cannot think of a better way to finish the transfer.  Hermana Harry and I have really seen some wonderful miracles here in Richmond Hill and we have some really great things going on here in the area.  I'm excited for next transfer and to see the things that will fall into place.  . 

Mom can you email me some questions that you would like me to talk about for next time?  My brain is pretty fried.  You will be happy to know that I have written in my journal the last 6 months. You can just read parts of it when I get home. lol.  I don't know....well I g2g we are eating breakfast at the squires.  Know that I love you all and that you are in my prayers. Pray for us and our investigators.  Pray that we will be able to use the powers of heaven to create miracles in the lives of these wonderful people and help them realize the infinite love of their savior.

Peace and Blessings for you all.

Love Hermana Lewis

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