Monday, June 27, 2011

Flushing is Good!

This week was good. Don't have very much time at all but know that Flushing is good.

I can now say that I have seen fireflies! I was walking in the park with sister Harry last week and I started noticing all these little green lights. It was so weird. Then pretty soon I realized they were around me too and they were bugs! Weird but actually really pretty to see at a distance.

Last monday we cooked with one of our investigators Marianna. She is amazing. She taught us how to cook empanadas from scratch. Mom, I know you have always wanted to make tortillas. Youre going to be so happy when I get home and we can make them together. These things are good.....

Mom do you have any advice for colicy babies? I taught this member the I LOVE U massage for her baby but I was wondering if you had any more ideas for her?

Anyway love you all!


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