Sunday, June 19, 2011

Flushing is my new Home

So I'm here in the middle of little China Town. Aka Flushing, New York. My trainer, sister Stephens would be so proud to know that I'm serving in the place she spent the majority of her mission. She loved it here and there is no doubt why. it is so great. I love this area so much. So my gut feeling was exactly right I'm here in Flushing, another part of Queens and my companion is the sister I did exchanges with a little bit back, named Hermana Harry. She is a doll love her and she has already taught me loads. She is from Arizona Utah and just finished her first year of law school before the mission. She took leave after her first year so that she could come on her mission and then she will be going into Immigration law? ya... ironic but good. She will be perferct for the job. her birthday was yesterday so that was fun. We are basically the same age.

This area has a lot less Hispanic folk, no surprise since it is in the middle of Chinaville but we have the most darling branch you could ever imagine. This little branch gave me the warmest welcome you could ever imagine. They are so kind and I feel super blessed to be here. The accents are a little different because there are a lot of people from Salvador and Columbia.

It's really fun to be in a new area with a fresh start. Being in a new area, no one knowing how hard it was for me to pick up the language and now them all be in shock at how well I speak and want to know how I picked up the language that well. Makes me feel so good. They tell me I speak perfectly. It's a lie but its really nice to feel like I know exactly whats going on and have the people think I've spoken it a lot longer than the last 8 months or however long it is. Now please know I am not being cocky about this because this whole gift of tongues thing is a very delicate deal. As soon as I feel confident and try to take credit for how far my language skills have come, i can't do squat. My words get all mumble jumbled and I miss parts of what the people are saying. Its crazy. However, I do have a testimony of the book of Mormon and the power of prayer have helped me loads in order to develop the language. I feel like those two things have helped my language more than anything else. I told god, if you let me speak with the tongue of angels here in the mission, I promise to use it to build up the kingdom. That worked pretty well. One of our investigators Brother Lopez is a husband of a member. Been investigating for a while. He wants me to tell him how I learned spanish so well so he can learn english in the same way. I told him I asked god in prayer and he doesn't believe me. So I told him to read the book of mormon in english and a prophet says he'll be able to speak the language by the end. I think it really might motivate him to start reading. I hope so. Whatever it takes right? lol. God works in mysterious ways. It's fun to be at a point where your not trying to memorize every thing you want to say and not stressing about what's coming out of your mouth. Love it.
We have one spanish companionship of Elders and one Korean companionship of Elders in our district. Somos seis. So I'm picking up a little Korean too. Elder Lee is an Elder that flew in the airplane with me to New York. It's fun to see him again and see how much he has grown. He is teaching me that Korean song that Grandpa Blaine used to always sing. Aryang. It's evidently a very common song.He's still learning his English and so some of the stuff he says I don't think it translates well from Korean to English. We were going around our first district meeting last week and getting to know everyone really fast. One of the questions that we got asked is what is our greatest fears. Elder Lee 's companion, Elder Gillis told us in joking but serious way that Elder Lee can't have the fan on in the middle of the night because Elder Lee thinks it blows all the oxygen out of the room and they will suffocate. Elder Lee confirmed it and told us its true. The rest of the zone is pretty much Chinese Elders so I get to learn some Chinese from them to... basically all you need to know is Nee How & Shi Shi. hello and thank you :) I don't know how some of these sound affects turn into languages.

So mom, I have an emergency favor for you.... Do you think you could send me some music for the violin like today? I need some songs to play to seranade the fathers for the activity this Saturday at the ward. I think I can track down a violin and the ward members are just so excited. I think it would be really cool. Any type of songs are good. Sister Harry and I are going to be going around the tables while they are eating a dinner playing some quick tunes. I'm open for anything you think would be good. Something that I can just throw together quick notice. I was thinking maybe some of those tunes that we play as a family like Let me call you sweetheart, ariang, or something like that something that is short but good. Also any really simple music that Jenna has for Guitar because sister Harry is going to be playing the guitar. Does that make sense we are going to be playing at maybe 5-8 tables while they are eating dinner.

My new address is....

Hermana Krisina A. Lewis
144-11 Sanford Avenue Apt 1N
Flushing, New York 11355

 Alma who prayed to find someone to talk to about Jesus and Krisina who prayed to find someone to teach about Jesus
Birthday Party for Krisina.  The little boy went to his room and wrapped up as many presents as he could for Krisina
FHE with Jonathon and a member family
Claudio Family and Krisina
Letters it's fastest to send them to this address. i don't go to the office very often. Sent the packages to the office still. That would be great.

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