Monday, June 6, 2011

Fare thee Well Oh Rego Park

It's official. I'm moving out. Onward bound. Sister Montes is also leaving. She is in the other companionship that lives in my pad. She is from Mexico and has helped me correct so many of my errores in Spanish. She really helped me with lots of different things. They don't tell you where you are going or who your new companion is until tuesday but they call you Saturday night to tell you to pack up your stuff. I have so many mixed feelings it is ridiculous.I'm excited to experience something new but I'm also so happy where I am at. So weird to think I hit my half way mark and moving onto my second area. I feel like I'm greener and greener every day and somehow time is not a real concept in the mission. It's going to be my first transfer not training, which should be nice. But I think I'm going to be a step mom which is a sister that is just leaving her trainer. So I'll be her companion. I feel like I have no time left and all the time that has gone by has been going and going. pasa muy rapido. The lord has very much blessed us this transfer and I have seen so many miracles. I have come to love people like I've never before loved in my life. I feel so privledged for everything that has been given to me thus far in the mission. I'm going to miss Sister Nelson as well. She has been so good to me this transfer God definitely sent her to me. It was very rewarding for me to go by investigators homes this last week and members as well to say my goodbyes and feel of their love for me. A bunch of the investigators even came to church for their first time just so they could see me off. Hey, whatever gets them there works. I am so excited for sister Nelson next transfer. Mission changes every step of the way but she's got some great stuff happening for her this transfer. I'll be praying for her :) Remember how I wanted a cultural experience on the mission. Just becuase I'm in the united states does not mean that I am not getting my cultural experience. Sister Nelson calls our area mini equador lol. Although I think the majority of our area looks like as if I was walking down the streets of Mexico. We go to the asian markets occasionally when we are close and they have all the fish and crabs swimmin around in their tanks. You pick them out and they cut them right there on the spot for you. So different than good old utah.... lol. Last night we taught some really cool people. I just want all these people to get baptized already. It would help them so much. We had exchanges this last week with all the sisters in the mission. That was really fun. Sister Nelson went to Flushing with Sister Reed and her companion Sister Harry came to Rego to serve with me for a day. That was fun. If my gut serves me right I think that I will be going to Flushing to serve with Sister Harry next transfer but I could be wrong. It's just a guess. It's kind of fun because Sister Harry and Sister Nelson were MTC companions. Flushing is still in Queens but filled with Chinese people. I should be right at home. After all I am the white asian. Everyone here asks me if I am part asian. It is so funny. Mom are you sure I don't have Asian descent? lol. Maybe its just because I was named after a Thai Asian person.

So being here in New York in the City of Queens I have the great priveledge of of talking to the 14 million people that live in New York. I think there are almost a million people here in Queens from everywhere. We talk to people on the buses and trains handing out pass a long cards. Well so I had a cool experience with fearlessing this week. It builds my testimony of the importance of fearlessing although you get the rude people inbetween the good ones. But I actually had this Indian Lady named Alma fearless me. It was kind of cool because I asked her how long she had been waiting for the train and then she asked me if I was from Jesus Christ. I told her I represented the church of Jesus Christ. I think she read my tag even though it was in Spanish. She probably could only recognize the jesucristo part. So she started talking to me and I gave her a card about Gods plan of happiness for us and how we can learn more of his plan for us through his teachings. I pray that I can find people and be guided to the people I'm supposed to talk to on the mission since that's what I do all day but she said something that was really cool. She told me, "You know what Sister Lewis, I have been praying to God to send me someone that I can talk about Jesus with. In India I was Christian I'm looking for a church and someone that will guide me." I said well I pray to find people that want to learn more about him and his gospel. She maybe god answered both our prayers today. :) She later went on to explain to me how she had run away from India. Her husband is stuck in India because he can't get his visa. They both converted to Christianity a few years ago as they came to know their Redeemer. Since then, her inlaws have been hunting her. She endured a lot of abuse and harsh treatment in India from her relatives. She miscarried her first child becuase they beat her up so bad. She's here now hiding but she still worries about her husband every day. He is basically in hiding waiting for a way out cause his visa keeps being denied. There is a bunch of other details to that story but I just had an overwhelming gratitude for the freedoms that I so freely take for granted everyday. I have never had to worry about if I act on what I know to be true to influence whether I live or die. She came to church on Sunday and had to sneak out so no one knew where she was going. She made the effort to come and she loved it. She started to cry once I told her that I was leaving on Tuesday. She said, "Why do the good things in my life never seem to last?" Well I don't know if I fit into that category but still some of the sweetest moments in life are not meant to last forever. That's why memories are some of the greatest treasures that we have. Anyway I introducced her to the English Elders. I hear the new elder coming in is part indian so maybe they will have a good connection. It was a sweet experience for me and to feel of her good spirit and sacrifice for what she knows to be true and dear to her heart.

Well anyway, pray for me. This will be a new and grand experience. I hope everything will go well.

Con much amor de mi corazon,

Hermanita Lewis

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