Monday, May 30, 2011

There are PICS

I found a thai temple in my area as we were looking up a fake referral and i was super excited! So naturally we took a pic.

This is a little 70 year old lady. Hermana Bilboa that comes with us out to appointments. She is my hero. One of the lovely ward missionaries. I love her! She comes to week every single week without fail and she is so faithful to the gospel. Some of her family is inactive but she is a trooper and she comes without them. One time she got confused for one of our appointments that she was coming with us so she was like running. Imagine this little 70 year old lady running at a jog when we saw her. I told her tranquilla and that she could have come next time but no, she was going to serve the Lord! That woman is dedicated. Love her! Going to be just like her someday.

Domican family we are teaching. Michelle is the 13 year old girl we were supposed to baptize this month. She is awesome love her. She has been way to busy though and so I don't know. We want to get her mom in on the whole thing too. Michelle is funny though. She stole my camera one day and took a bunch of pics.

This is the zone at the service project. We helped the patriarch of the stake be a part of this city service project. We were in charge of going around New york and painting over some of the graffitti tags. So we went painting.

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