Monday, May 16, 2011

Time Distortion

Well can't believe I'm already writing another email. The time is such a weird concept on the mission. Seems like Mothers day was forever ago but I swear I was just emailing you yesterday.

None of our investigators came to church yesterday so that was a little downer in that we have to push their baptism dates back and I don't know if I'll be here to see them go through. It's a good thing that sister Nelson is so awesome and she will keep them going strong after the transfer this month. Sister Nelson and I had some fun stuff happen this last week. Whether it be creepers on the train that call us up and tell us in their broken english, "hey do you remember me? Cause I remember you a lot, during the day." hahaha oh man who says that? They don't even know that they are being socially and completly awkward. We seriously live in Mini ecuador.
Yesterday we went by to visit the Arriaga family to see why they didn't come to church. They are an amazing less active family that we are working with right now. I've never met a family that is more sensitive to the spirit and loves everything we teach them A LOT. It just kills me they won't put whatever it is that is keeping them from coming to church. They have the most darling little boy named Joshua. Joshua is 10 and just begs his mom every week that they can come to church. He wants to get baptized so bad so hopefully as they come back to church we can see this happen with them. They are super awesome. I just love them. Joshua and his 6 year old brother oscar are always outside playing after school. If we are ever walking by they are always more than willing to come to the porch and listen to us teach. I don't know very many school boys that drop their soccer game to come learn about Jesus Christ. They are so awesome. I pray that we are able to help them continue pressing forward.

Yesterday we had this really awesome lesson with a middle aged couple we are teaching. I really love them a lot. The wife has a lot of doubts and skepticism about why we need the Book of Mormon if we have the Bible. She is a great Christian lady with great faith. The lesson that we all took part in was so good. We had Darwin our ward correlator come up and taught with us. It was so cool to teach to the need directly as the spirit directs. After I get the priveledge of being a part of that type of lesson I always feel so motivated and see the hope of missionary work and the true importance of it. That's what happens when you are all "edified by the spirit." I think a lot of her questions were answered and I know that the spirit was there to help her understand a little bit more.

We had a really good lesson with Jonnathan. He had a really good friend get in a tradgic wreck and die so we had a really cool lesson wih him and the importance of the plan of salvation. I have been teaching Jonnathan the longest and have had so many miracles with him. Sometimes I think that there will be no greater joy than to see him finally see him get baptized. he is one of those people that I know that once he chooses to get baptized he will do it for himself and the right reasons. Not for anyone else and he will do it forever. He is so awesome. Keep him in your prayers. He needs it at this moment in his life.

I love this gospel. I am very grateful for everything that has happened in the mission. I have come to love this area so much. The hard times make the miracles and the good times so much more rewarding. I am so grateful for the gospel I know it it works and that if we put it first in our lives it makes our lives rich and worth while. Have you ever made a mixture of corn starch and water in science class? If you get the perfect combination the mixture is a solid as long as it is being worked or has pressure on it. When you let it rest and don't exercise it, it become a liquid until it eventually just oozes off your hands to nothing. This can be compared to our testimonies. Our testimonies can become stronger and stronger. God will continue to help us receive personal revelacion for our lives to strengthen and expand our testimonies on him as long as we are exericising and working to strive for it. As soon as we stop doing those things that bring us closer to god and strengthening our testimony aka (CHURCH, prayer, & scripture study) the testimony sits idle and starts to liquify like the cornstarch. It really was a solid substance but with time it will decay and run off until there is nothing left. Interesting how it works but so true. Jesus is the Christ and he did restore the gospel. IT is TRUE.

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