Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Love You

Otra vez,

Hey fammilia! It was so good to talk to you last night! I love you so much and I really think the world of you! I very much enjoyed talking to each one of you. Family is such an important part of life and the sooner the world realizes the sacred nature of the family the closer we will be on the road to creating eternal families.

Well I just talked to you... so I'm not sure what to do.

I've had some neat thoughts on trying to form reality lately. Seriously New York has given me a new dimension of what people view as reality. Guess what, that reality doesn't work. Reality is definitely a form of perspective. Like I said talking on the phone last night on the phone, faith is easy to have when it is something that is going to happen. It becomes a little harder when it is making the impossible, possible. Christ was half god, half man? Kind of like one of those greek mythogy books Symbria reads, they made a movie of a while ago? There is a little bit of truth in almost everything you read these days. Anyway Christ had to learn line upon line, precept upon precept, just like everyone else. He probably just had a little bit more of an accelerated rate right? lol. Anyway, Christ knew his "purpose" he knew what his calling in life was and kept his eye focused never wavering. He had that to do it in a way where he became the leader, the example. He was perfect but did everyone worship him? Did everyone love him? Did everyone accept him for what he was and who he was? NOPE. Yet he never let his purpose be detracted and he kept his eye single to the glory of God. Did the perspectives of others ever deteriorate what he really was. NOPE. So por eso, don't you think as members of his church we do the same?

In the mission I'm working on increasing my level of faith. Sometimes I feel so dang analytical for a sister missionary. God expects a lot on the mission and you know what you get out of a mission? Exactly what you put into it. :) The perspective you have of what you think the mission should be is exactly what it becomes to be. Expect the miracles in the mission because it is the greatest time you are able to receive them in the mission. I witness small miracles every day in the mission.

Sister Nelson and I are doing well. She seriously is like Heidi Wells. Best friends on the mission for sure. We already have this huge bucket lis of things to do when we get home from the mission. her mom told me I have to call her when I get home to go to lunch so she can tell me all the stuff about Sister Nelson while she is still serving. lol. I think we are making some good progress here in good old Rego Park. I have some goals that I'm working towards in the mission. Spanish is a pretty legit language. The gift of tongues is amazing. I am very grateful for the opportunity that God has given me to aprender and progress. Diligence and work reveal capacity. Eternal principle right there. Good things in life take effort and that's why they are good.

Oh mom! I thought of something you could send me for my b-day. lol. A cleanse kit. You know the ones dad gets every now and again? I've been out for a while and I think I need to do some sort of cleanse of my system. The rice here from the member is going to be the death of me. Luckily I'm saved once again because Sister Nelson is Diabetic so we have food restraints for health reasons. The people are a little bit more understanding because of that. Yet still that would be delightful. If you find some sort of summer clothes that are light weight, and will be good with my garments that would be nice. It's getting super humid. Can you send me the recipe for those baked scones with berries that you make? I've been craving that lately. Honestly thanks for just remembering me out here.  If you want you could send me a visa gift card or something then I could just spend or buy stuff out here as I'm out and about and on the run. Your always super thoughtful in what you decide to send but those are just some other ideas I thought about when I got off the phone with you last night that I could use but I'm good for whatever.

Love you all so much


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