Monday, May 30, 2011

Today is My Birthday! Weird

Man, it is boring trying to come up with good titles and beginnings for these emails. Same old, same old. Thanks for all the wonderful cards, emails, and packages family and friends! I feel so loved. Sometimes it feels like people forget you out here in the good old mission but I was proved wrong! Thank you so much. Seriously mom, The avocado pie was so good! Best thing in the whole world! Hit the spot and seriously dissappeared. Everyone was kind of curious when I told them I was making avocado pie. Even the elders next door wanted to try it and President. Sorry to say president won't get any because everyone consumed it in like one sitting but seriously was the best birthday treat ever. I think I made it almost as good as you mom. Shirts are perfect. I love the white one! It's perfect for summer and I like it because it has sleeves and I can wear it by itself. It is SO HOT here! I know it's not as hot as Thailand but we are out in the heat and it is killer. SO humid! If we don't have appointments and are out and about talking on streets and doors the sun takes the energy right out of you. But we have no fear our bodies will adjust right? lol. We did get an air conditoner for our room though this week so that was good. I'm enjoying that immensely. Symbria thanks for the little confetti cake rock thing. IT's so cool where did you get it? Emerald stuff is my birth stone did you know that? :) Mom you'll have to give Cheryl, and Crandalls a special thanks for me. They are always so good to me. Just know it was a very special birthday.

I'll try and find some pictures to send you today since you sent me the card reader. The sisters in the pad decorated the living room for my birthday and then made me this halarious card. The elders next door rang our bell early this morning and made me a cake to give as they sang happy birthday. Our zone is going to go to lunch later today and it will be fun. People are super nice here. Later tonight we are going to teach a less active family and after we teach the restoration we will be having a little birthday party. So its been good. It is so crazy to me to think how many people I have met in the last 6 months. So crazy.

So I have a funny story to share about one of our lessons. One of our investigators Alfonso and Rita. They are a cute couple from Mexico that we have been teaching her and there. He reminds me a lot of grandpa wells. He is very sweet but his diabetes keeps him from having motivation for doing a lot of things that he needs to do. He has had a serious infection in his foot that won't heal up and his cute wife has been so stressed about all the medical complication, bills, and caring for the family its been a little chaotic but they are really awesome and smart people that are giving us a lot of really cool lessons. So his foot is trying to heal right now and he is in a lot of pain. We are praying for them a lot. I can't remember if I wrote this story down a couple of weeks ago or not but it was pretty funny so I thought it would be good to write about. So Sister Nelson and i were sharing the plan of salvation and teaching abou tthe kingdoms of glory. Alfonso had had a rough day and was on a lot of pain medication and not really coherent and it was mostly his wife that we were teaching because he was super tired but we asked them which kingdom they would like to live in after teaching the kingdoms of glory. Of course rita said the celestial and alfonse said "la luna" or the moon. We asked why and he said , because I think the sun would be too hot for my feet. It would hurt. Rita was kind of embarrassed and reminded us he was on medication but we loved it. We thought it was great. We explained to him he would be fine with his resurrected body or algo a si. I love this. Life is good.

Jonnathan seemed to drop off the face of the planet again. He broke his foot so he's on crutches and then his phone went out and no one is at his apartment so I don't know where he went. That's the problem sometimes here. People go in and out of touch like crazy. They are you best friends one day and then gone the next. Hopefully I see him before transfer meeting to say goodbye but he'll be good after I leave. I've seen a lot of growth in him over the last 5 months and he's not even the same person anymore. I pray with all my heart he takes the next step of being baptized to seal the deal but even if he decides to take more time the gospel has impacted his life and given him tools to live his life in a way that he never thought possible. It will be interesting to see where he chooses to take his life and what he will place as important.

Mission is so weird. It's like another dimension of life but I like it. I can't believe I'm half way done next week. Seriously where does the time go? Love you all pray for you everyday. God bless.

Hermana Lewis

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