Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lost on the Island

You would not believe all the stuff that happened.  All in this last week... it's funny how things all work out in the end. I'm in the ISLAND! So, lets just start at transfer meeting last week shall we?  So, here is what went down.  I arrive at transfer meeting with Sister Young. She is just nervous beyond belief to train and so excited at the same time I think she almost made herself sick.  She was training this girl from Hawaii and they are beyond perfect for each other.  We have a couple of Baptismal commits for them to work towards in flushing so that should be exciting for her.  Eduardo is awesome and I talked to him right before I left and he said he was going to sort out his life so that he could become closer to god.  He is pretty legit but needs some time.  Pray for him please. :)

So as we walk into the mission office President calls me into his office before transfer meeting.  President tells me that they are sending another set of sisters to open a new area up on the island and that he is going to blind me and sister Porter in to open the area.  Say what?! That was pretty exciting.  I have ALWAYS wanted to serve with Sister Porter. She is an amazing, spiritual, hard working missionary.  She came in the same transfer as Sister Jasso so she has just about 9 months in the mission.  Yet sister Porter is so hard working that she overworked herself in Midwood last transfer and got heat exhaustion pretty bad.  She was training last transfer and so she felt in order to keep the work going she needed to work through it.  I know the crazy sisters that sometimes don't think logically.  So ended up making herself pretty sick and president heard about it and called her into the mission home to rest.  So she has been at the mission home recuperating for the last 2 weeks and seemed to be getting better.  President thought that a car area would help her not have to exert so much energy walking all day so that meant he would be sending her there. How would be her companion.   THat's right, Yo (I). Sister Porter had 2 more nights that she was supposedly going to rest at the mission home before she came out to the island with me so that meant that I would open up the area w/o her.  President said he was going to pull Sister Jewkes, from the english program to come and help me for a few days while I figure my way around the area and sister porter is recuperating. Great. Where do I start? She has been in a trio for the last little while and so she offered to come and help me.  I guess President was talking to her about it 2 weekends ago when everyone from the island got evacuated and was hanging out in the mission home for the hurricane. 

Boy can I tell you how grateful I was for sister Jewkes. Yes TawnLee I already asked her if she knew any Jewkes from farren yet she unfortunately does not. But she is from Taylorsville and she knows a bunch of people I know like my freshman roomate Breeann Howe, Tyler Bell, Ashley Moutso's, Dallin and Kevin Tye, etc etc etc.  I accidently call her Hermana Tawn all the time.  We had a lot of little heart to hearts during our first few days together.  She was my GPS system thank heavens.  She was located in Bayshore which is the area right next to ours for 5 transfers and she used to live in the same pad as we do  now so that was really convenient.  She knows this area like the back of her hand.  Just not a lick of Spanish. I felt kind of like a fish out of water.

Guess who are the other sisters out on the island right now?  That's right Hermana KoriAnn Nelson (mi hija) and Sister Heiner.  Sister Heiner has been on the island for 5 transfers. I hear they are just killing it out her and it because of them that they asked to send more sisters out her. So that was super fun to come home and see the my favorite people of all time. The only problem is that Sister Heiner hasn't been doing well either so she had to go home on Tuesday.  She was able to say all her goodbye's though.  La familia Majano were so sad to see her go.  They are like parents to us in the mission and take such good care of us. We live in the upstairs of a house of the familia Majano.  They are in our ward and they are just great.  I love them so much.  They are from El Salvador and the cutest family you could ever imagine.  So sister Nelson came in a trio with me and sister jewkes for the day until sister porter came.

So Wednesday Sister Porter comes with President's wife Sister Nelson to drop her off.  She still was feeling just awful. We were going to be operating off the medical leave status until she was fully recuperated.  So me and sister porter went on our lovely way after conquering New York.  She is such a trooper. If you could imagine an angel with blond hair and lights in her eyes,  This is sister porter.  We had a plan to get her better and then go baptize all of new york. Good plan right? Heck ya it is!  Her mom is very much like you mom.  Really healthy, all organic, exercise, pretty, outgoing, full of energy, and all about the gospel.  So naturally her mom had sent her a bunch of stuff in the mail to help her get better.  I was trying to do some light therapy and imaging with her as well as a bunch of other stuff.  I actually think it was working too.  Until Sunday.

Sunday she was so sick.  It was "explosive", just hit her like a rock.  We were inside ALL day, we couldn't leave.  After much counsel and thoughtful pondering she finally accepted that she needed to go home for a time in order to get better and work her best. After a month and ahalf it was getting worse not better. President promised her that she could come back when she was fully recuperated.So she left on a plane this afternoon.  It was all so fast and I haven't had a week quite like it.  I made president promise that I could serve with her again when she comes back.  I feel jipped of a priceless experience.So Sister Porter is planning on giving it a transfer.  I'm just hoping in less than 6 months. She's a champ and I learned so much from her in just the short week that I was with her. She radiates the spirit and is so amazing.  I look up to her a lot and New York is lucky to have her.She so awesome and always serving others no matter what. Always in good spirits, for example: She was laying on the bathroom floor puking her guts out and she was still making funny jokes and we were rolling on the floor from laughter.  Mom she might be coming to Utah to recooperate because Arizona is so hot so I told her to give you a call so she could stop by "when she is feeling" better.

So in the end, I had an interview with President today and he put me, sister Jewkes, and Hermana Nelson in a trio and we are going to put it back to one area. It's kinda cool that sister Jewkes gets to stay and work spanish before she finishes her mission in two transfers. Coincidence that I'm back with my favorite companion of all time?  I think not! :) I'm so excited to work with Hermana Nelson again.  She is quite the missionary.  I'm stoked for a transfer filled with miracles and good spirits.  Baptize! :)Through the help of our loving heavenly father we will.  Island is crazy different from the city but i'm really liking it... :) Siga adalante! Love you all!

P.S. Mom- sorry about the credit card but I was kinda stranded my first days here on the island and so I bought all my new stuff because my other card didn't get refilled until later this week.  So your going to have to check that bill for me and would you pay it off for me?  YOu are the best mother in the whole wide world.  I'm glad that you all liked the package.  :) Thanks for all you do for me.  Mom, my address is

22 Woodlawn Ave
Central Islip NY and I forgot the zip code.  that doesn't work sorry.   or look it up I'm pretty sure it is 11722

Hermana Lewis.

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