Monday, September 19, 2011

Service in Jersey

So this was a fun week.  A little bit different and really interesting.  The mission as well as the wards and branches in New York were asked to make time to go and help New Jersey clean up from the Hurricane this last week.  So President split the mission up and sent us different days of the week.  We went to New Jersey on Friday to help with clean up.  It was really surprising to me to see all the damage that was done.  When we arrived to New Jersey i wasn't thinking it looked too damaged and i wondered why we were there but in the end, it I was so wrong.  The flooding really did some damaged.  These people lost their homes and really are starting from scratch.  The outsides look fine driving down the streets but when you go in there is pretty much nothing left.  We were ripping out walls, carpets, floor boards, door frames, cupboards etc.  I never knew all the levels of wood and flooring in a house.  I took one apart, I think that I could probably build one up now. A lot of the electrical and pipes had been ruined so there has been sewage and power outage in a lot of the homes. The water level in the homes was about up to my chest which meant anything from countertops down was ruined and needed to be taken out.  Dad you would be so proud of me I wore a dust mask! I thought of you in the process.  It was this funny lookin  thing that reminded me of a duck.  Everyone thought it was halarious but it saved me a few particles of dust ect.  It was fun to work with the missionaries in the other mission and hear what types of demographics work in their area.  We took a big tour bus down to Jersey and wore the big helping hands yellow t-shirts. New Jersey asked 2000 volunteers from the church and they received 3000 which was cool becuase it showed a lot of support and love. 
We also did some service with the ward this last week around the area and found some new investigators.  We will hope to see some good stuff to follow.  We are teaching some really fun good people right now.  I'm a big fan of this area and i love being in the car and being able to teach 7 or 8 appointments in 1 day no sweat.  So sweet!  our goal is to hit 50 lessons for the week.  We probably will be able to get that for next week.  It's pretty sweet because in the trio we can do member splits.  One of us goes with a member while the others go to a different appointment.  That could be like 4 member presents in like 2 hours!
Okay peeps! So this is what I'm deciding on my mission.  No one needs to go on a mission to help people have conversions in Christ.  In fact I think that the members are the most awesome and key part in the member's work.  There is nothing like member work.  When the members are involved the retention of the converts are better, more people get baptized, and the ward pulls together to be stronger.  So if you want to help the missionary work, pray for missionary experiences that you can be a part of.  Give the missionaries referrals, pray to find someone that is ready to receive the discussions and invite non members into your homes for activities and discussions.  We all have a huge impact on the lives of other people.  Sometimes people feel like the missionaries aren't real because they view them more like angels or something. When they meet the members they see it's a way of life and that it really does bring true joy and works to bring success into our lives personally.  So get out there and do it.  Mom, your awesome! It's a beautiful thing.  I am so impressed with the wards here in New York and all that they do  to strive and build up the kingdom of God.
Love you all
hermana Lewis.

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