Monday, September 12, 2011

New Jammies

Hey family! 
How ya'll doing? :)  okay so this week was really fun and trio is actually a lot better than I thought it was going to be.  I'm quite enjoying it.  Sister Jewkes and Sister Nelson are cracks and a half.  Guess what they made me do this week?  Yes we went and we bought onesies at Target this week!  You know those little jammies you put on the little babies with the footies in them?  Yes I bought one of those and it fits me quite nicely actually.  My comps just think they are the best thing that came to town since who knows when.  We've even talked the rest of the elders to buy them in our district I think.  How? I dont' know but I have pictures to show you of my wonderful jammies.  They are blue with little frogs and so forth.  Mom, your going to love them.
Lots of interesting stuff happened this week.  I had a very interesting experience with one of the recent converts that we are teaching.  My new fascination in life is the Holy Ghost.  The Spirit is pretty legit.  Sister Nelson made a little joke that missionaries are kind of like x-men with super powers.  I think that's true. If you are in tune with the spirit it will tell you exactly what's going on, be your comforter, as well as warn you of danger. When I was in this lesson I knew exactly what she was thinking and I was able to tell her exactly what I needed to in order to fulfill my purpose with that lesson. No one else in that lesson could have possible known what was going on besides me and her.  I can't tell you how grateful I am for all the experiences that I've had on my mission.  I have met people from all different  countries, cultures, backgrounds, lifestyles, and beliefs.  I mean EVERY thing, good and bad.  New York is crazy and i think its pretty much amazing gods journey for each one of us and how the gospel applies to everyone's lives because it is centered around the atonement of Jesus Christ.  HE is the Christ and this is his work.  We will be saved only by and through him.  I know this to be true.
Jennifer got baptized yesterday!  As always there are always a bunch of things that tend to go awry but in the end it all worked out and it was well worth it.  I'll have to send pictures as well.  It was so rewarding.  Sister Nelson and I decided all our hard work from Rego Park is starting to pay off.  We worked our butts off in Rego and were so dissappointed when we weren't able to baptize together but now it all paid off and we can say we had a wonderful baptism together.  Jennifer is 11 and reminds me very much of Symbria.  She is beautiful and has long long think hair that I braided for her in a crown for the baptism.  All the missionaries sang that arrangement of Teach me to walk in the light.  I messed up on the accompaniment a lot but I think it all worked out in the end.  You could just tell her whole family was so happy and that she felt so special. she was just glowing.
Sorry this is short but the libraries are down and not being very cooperative today.  I love you all.
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