Monday, August 15, 2011

Crzy Semana

Aug 11 (4 days ago)

Oh wow so we had a little bit of a crazy week to say the least. So it all started out when we went to go look this referal up that the AP's gave us named Jesus. Ya Ironic, he supposedly wanted to get baptized and we haven't had that much luck getting a hold of him by phone so we went by his house.  So we are in this building and we realize we don't have his appartment # so we search the directory for the spanish names in the building with the initials of his name. Starting at the top floor.  So we go up there and no one answers.  We hear a door swinging in the stairway up above that is going to the roof.  We get curious Hermana Harry told me a few weeks back that in the old complex we used to live in the sisters would go exercise on the roof that overlooked the city. I had walked many complexes but never been on a roof so I decided now would be a good time to go take a peek off the roof.  The door was swinging back and forth from the wind and it would be nice to go shut it anyway right?  WRONG!  Anyway so I ask sister Young if she wants to go upstairs for a second to see the roof.  She hadn't been up on roof either.  So we start wandering up and right as I start to notice the sign that says "No one allowed on roof"  Guess what happens?  Yep a huge alarm goes off on the both of us.  This alarm isn't just a dinky little wake up alarm that goes off on the phone.  This arlarm was LOUD something that hurt your ears and all 6 floors of the apartment building could hear it and wanted to know who had set it off.  Sister Young and I just kind of look at each other in shock and not knowing quite what to do. So like any normal person, what do we do?  We run.  Down all 6 flights of stairs not knowing what is going to happen next. Guess who is waiting for us down at the bottom? Security.  No! Yes!  Oh my!  No what?  So anyway they take us into our office made us stay there for a while and then they made us call President and tell him everything.  He told us we made a very stupid decision next time use our heads!  I know!  So Monday we had to take up a bunch of time to do that crap and that is why we are not writing till today!
CHISTE.  Joke.  Ok really that story did NOT happen.  Well it did up to the part before the alarm.  The alarm really did go off and we really were running down 6 flights of stairs but we never got stopped or questioned by anyone.  But my heart and sister young's was going like a race horse.  We were not expecting it and it made us so scared.  So we ran away from the building because we didn't know what to do and we decided we are never going to try and explore roofs again. We were scared we were going to go around a corner and it was going and cops were going to take us or something.  It was funny.  Anyway I will finish this email a little later.  I need to go.  I'll write more later. We are going to the Mets game later today with a bunch of missionaries so we switched pdays.  We are going now if i can i'll write more later. love youmuch
Hermana Lewis.

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