Monday, August 15, 2011

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Aug 11 (3 days ago)

Ok so the game was amazing! I hope you liked the story.  Sorry it has been long time. We had fun and I'm pretty fried.  Monday is sister Jasso's birthday so we all sang happy birthday and gave her a card. Mom maybe you could send her a note or something for her b-day.  She said thanks for the postcard. 
This week I'm supposed to teach a workshop in the zone tomorrow for our meeting.  So, I've been studying a lot on the importance of inviting people to be baptized on the first or 2nd lesson like they have asked us to in the simplified curriculum of preach my gospel.  I've also been studing on how to help people make and keep committments.  What that really means and not moving on until they have accomplished those concepts.  I've really been going and focusing on teaching people and trying to talk about the importance of baptism with a specific focus on repentance.  When we invite people to make these changes in their lives, we are inviting them to repent.  As they choose to repent, in essense they are being spiritually healed.  It's Extremely important that these people that we are teaching understand the importance of keeping these committments. When we go and teach them, they feel good and start to put the bandage on the soul but when they don't read or pray/go to church during the week they rip the bandage right off that we put when we went teaching and it makes the wound at least just as deep as before. Knowing to not move on until the wound is starting to heal is good and to act "devastated" until they can start keeping those commmittments. Sister Young and I have this goal to teach in more unity and make sure we both know where the lessons are going and what is happening. To try and help with that we have this goal that she is going to lead the lessons and I will back her up with the spanish etc. So studying this all week of course I better try and put it into play and it was a so cool to see what happened.
Edwardo Gomez is a former from the area book that sister Young and I decided to call.  He was really nice and agreed to let us come over to teach him. We met him at his house with a member.   We walked into the room and let Edwardo begin by telling us a little bit a bout himself and what his desires of his heart were.  He was so good.  He expressed his desire to be close to god.  He expressed his desire to have a real relationship.  He said that he liked talking with the sisters but that in the past he had read the Book of Mormon a lot but felt like there were still a lot of things that he lacked in his life. He said everytime he prayed to God about it, God just told him to wait a little longer.  He said that it didn't matter what it was or where he needed to go, if he could have a real relationship with God and find out what God wanted him to do he would do it. Sister Young did an amazing job leading the lesson and there were a lot of good  pauses where I could see the spirit working on Edwardo and he really felt it. The spirit was so strong!   We talked about how God prepares his people and that the Gospel of Jesus Christ contains all of the ordances of Salvation and being able to recieve all of the blessings God has prepared for us through the restored Gospel.  We talked about repentance and baptism.  Then we extended an invitation for him to get baptized on the 4th of sept and he accepted.  It was one of those answers that was sincere and he really wanted it. Sister Young and I felt so good after we walked out of that lesson.  It was an extremely powerful lesson for both of us and a great learning experience for both of us.  We have a return appt. for Sat.  Pray and wish us luck.  Pray for my workshop tomorrow as well for the zone. 
Symbria I thought of something that maybe you could do for me.  Do you want to draw me a plan of Salvation?  I like to teach with it during my lessons and the one that I have is pretty much hashed.  I need a new one.  The different parts that I need are Premortal life, The fall of adam and eve, This life on earth, Death, spirit world, Judgement/Resurrecion, Three Kingdoms(sun, moon, stars). Anything else that you really want to put in there is fine but if you could just draw little pictures to represent those different parts of the plan and then laminate them and send them to me I would love that and think of you every time.
love you!
Hermana Lewis

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