Monday, August 15, 2011


Hey fam!
So it is Monday and I Am writing :)  I love you so much and I am so grate for you in my life.  You have been a direct strength to me in my mission.  Your prayers guide me, protect me, and give me the strength I need to get this work done. So thanks so much I really appreciate it.
Last night we went over to the Ramos Family.  It was really really good.  The Carpintero family came from College point and we had a noche de hogar ( FHE)  Right now the Elders are teaching Hermana Ramos.  She has been investigating for a long time.  Hermano is a member and the have a really cute little girl that is just about to turn 2.  The spirit was really strong and I seriously am amazed every single time how much members help in creating the atmosphere for a powerful lesson.  Hermano Ramos gave the lesson on the Priesthood.  By the end of the lesson I had a strong prompting to speak and so I did.  Hermana Ramos was crying through the whole thing. I think she was feeling the spirit working on her. It's going to be her time that she will be ready to accept the gospel and show it through baptism.  It was a really powerful experience for me.  Hermano Ramos said a comment about how the missionaries radiate the spirit of Christ. He can see it in our countenances and by the way we interact with other people. We do have a very specific  calling and role as missionaries and god chooses to bless us because of it.  I think it a really cool thing sister Young and i were talking about it after.  We were walking out of a building and some guy we had never met commented and said "You to are Mormons from salt lake aren't you?" We said yes we are. He then said ya I knew it because your too pretty to be new yorkers. Men in Utah must be really lucky because all the women just are beautiful. We just tell people like that "it the light that comes through Christ ways".  When we live in accordance to Gods standards he truly does bless us.  It helps us and it really makes us beautiful on the inside which shines through to the outside. 
Anyway I know there was some other stuff that I was going to ask you but I can't remember right now.  Thanks for the stories mom.  Love you much.  Oh and Sister Young gave her family your info so you can do dinner.  She thinks that would be really fun.  Thanks so much.  I love you.  Oh mom, she also says thank you for the letter! She loved it!
Hermana Lewis
Mom I sent a package with the Ovalle's and she said she would get it to you. Have you seen it yet? lol.  I sent Jenna's birthday present in it. 

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