Monday, October 3, 2011

Conference was Sooooo Good!

Wow, so conference was SOOO good no?  I loved it so much!  President Monson is the man!  He just brings such joy to my soul as he talked about the temples and all the good stories.  He still reminds me of Grandpa Wells.  Mom, I totally agree with you about Elder Richardson's talk and teaching by and with the spirit.  I don't know if its just because I'm a missionary right now but I feel that they have talked so much about the importance of missionary work in General Conference.  All three general conferences I have been a part of in the mission they have put a huge stress on the importance of missionaries and that we need more capable, confident, and competent missionaries in the world.  It is a privilege to be a part of this work.  I really enjoyed the talk by that japanese guy and how he expressed such a deep love and gratitude for the missionaries that touched his life.  He may not have understood all the doctrine they were teaching but he felt of their sincere love for him.  I had a lot of questions written down and that I wanted gods opinion in regards to the mission, investigators, etc. All of them were answered during conference.  I enjoyed it immensely and God never ceases to amaze me in his little tender mercies.

Soraida came to church to listen to conference for the first time. She is the best I love her.  She had disappeared for a day last week and her member aunt called us up to know if we had seen her. She evidently had not been feeling good and ended up not coming home.  We eventually found her in the hospital. She had been diagnosed with a tumor.  Her tumor had been causing a lot of head aches and such.  It was all up in her sinus area.  So we got special permission from president to go and visit her in the hospital she was staying at outside of our area. She is home now and preparing for surgery this week.  Keep her in your prayers if you can. She is a really awesome lady from the D.R. that just came over a couple of months ago.  She is 20 and has a little baby boy that is still in the D.R.  The people from the D.R. are so loving and kind I just love the good energy and care free spirits that they have.  They believe in god with all their hearts and think he is in everything.  But she made time to come to conference on Saturday and I think that she quite enjoyed herself.

Will you pray for this awesome lady named Zulma?  She was baptized in her country back in the day and then when she came here she didn't find the church until recently.  We have been meeting with her but she works sundays.  Last week she called us and asked us to please pray for her that she will be able to find another job.  She really decided that it's really important to her to come back to church and that she is going to look for another job.  She asked that we would please pray for her to be successful in her efforts.

Also pray for our amazing amazing R.S. prez Hermana Duran.  She is legit and that woman takes the whole world on her shoulders.  Her husband is el obispo (the bishop) and we like to call her obispa.

Also pray for Wendy Hill and that she will come back to church and be a support for Soraida as she is investigating the church.

Well tonight should be fun. We have sister exchanges and since there are no other spanish speaking sisters out here on the island, I 'm doing exchanges with the English Hampton Bays sisters. Supa stoked!  I'm going to the English program for a day with sister Jewkes and Sister Smedlly.  While Sister Graves come to Brentwood with Sister Nelson for the day!  It's going to be a trip!  Woot Woot!.

Anyway, peace and blessings to you all!

Love Hermana Lewis

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