Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I am sick of trying to come up with subject lines

Hey what's going on?

Symbria and Aunt Cheryl, I hope you had wonderful birthdays. I'm sure you're one year older and wiser too.  Jael Happy birthday later this week.

Anyway, I cant believe it was the first week of a new transfer!  Where did it go?  Anyway a lot has happened in the last week.  Let me try and fill you in on a few of the highlights.

Tuesday was transfer meeting.  Went to transfers super nervous about what was going to happen.  I don't know why, it's always a new adventure but it just always throws me for a loop.  Anyway so Sister Jewkes went to Jamaica in Queens for her last transfer.  Sister Nelson and I knew we were staying on the island and splitting up the area. Pretty much exactly like last time.  President gave me a brand new ford fusion and a brand new phone and said "ok sister lewis, go." So we are going and it's super fun.  Sister Nelson kept the majority of our investigators so that would leave me and my new comp a lot of room to build the new area and find.  Well I said a mighty pray in the morning and lo and behold,  God sent me Hermana Kaitlin Gray from Gilbert Arizona.  Kind of Ironic considering Sister Porter was also named Caitlin and from Arizona. Anyway I think it was meant to be.  Sister Gray is awesome!  She is 21 and one of the best missionaries you'll find.  Her dad served a mission in the Concepcion, Chile mission.  He only talked to her in Spanish as a child so she learned spanish when she was young.  She then attended a bilingual school that taught classes in English one day and then all the classes were taught in Spanish the next day. She also did study abroad in mexico every summer for 4 years.  So we call her the white Mexicana.  She basically is and her spanish rocks.  She is in her 4th transfer in her 2nd area. She is a little fireball and I love it. Always helping me out and a really great teacher.  She is a former gymnast and was studying exercise science and sports medicine before the mission.  She also was working towards being a dental hygienist. Ya, this girl is legit.

This week has been hard in some ways but really rewarding in other ways.  It's hard in that we don't have any progressing investigators yet but its been rewarding because we have received and sought after the spirit which has blessed us with little miracles through the week.

First miracle was first night with Hermana Gray.  We made an appointment to see the Primary President.  She is really overwhelmed and hasn't been to church since I got here.  Relief Society President asked if we would go visit her so we set up an appointment. We went over Tuesday night and had a visit.  We talked to her about the atonement of Christ.  Sister Gray is an amazing teacher.  In that lesson as I was listening I got a strong prompting that I needed to bear testimony of the love of our father and his son Jesus Christ.  I needed to remind la Hermana just how much God loved her and is proud of the effort she is putting in and is not abandoning her.  So I did it even though I'd never really met this lady before and had no idea what her life was like.  She just started crying  couldn't contain it anymore.  Spirit really hit her, like a brick!  Spirit is so cool!  I learn more from it everyday but it is just so cool and such a powerful tool.  Basically the only important tool.  Anyway so guess who came to church on Sunday?  Yep she did and we helped her do the primary program that is coming up in a couple of weeks.  I think I'm going to become the chorister for that grand affair and sister gray the pianist.  I've made a lot of friends though the primary kids are just so loving and fun. 

Wednesday we had a baby shower for Erika Fuentes(Honduras). She is one of the members that comes out and helps us sisters pretty regularly.  Anyway it was a surprise and she did a great job with everything.  We helped the relief society president, Hermana Duran, decorate and put it together.  It turned out really good.  We also had an investigator show up at the church that night. We'll see if anything comes from it. Hermana Duran took us to a members home return the violin I used for sacrament last week.  Mom did I tell you that we played in church last week?  Sister Jewkes played flute, me on violin, and then the relief society sang grand eres tu.  It was really pretty.  The ward loved it.  I was also able to fix Hermana Cabrera's violin for her so it all worked out.  The bonus to that was that we found that a whole family of theirs had just moved in a few months ago that weren't members so we made friends with them to start teaching them.  We figured out after they are in the other sisters area so we will hand them over to them but they are so going down.  Super legit dominicans.

Thursday we did tons of planning trying to brainstorm what we were going to do to in order to get the area fired up and going.  We went and visited the Majano's sister who is inactive. We found that she has a daughter living with her that isn't a member so we are going to try and see if they are interested this upcoming week.  I got really lost to and from from our dinner appointment at the Montenegro's.  It's a good thing that I have a very patient companion I would be going nuts at times if I had me for a companion that didn't know what she was doing at times but hey we are in this together and I'll have a GPS soon... hopefully :)  We also contacted a lady named Hildalia (El Salvador) on the street while driving to ask her if we could come visit.  She randomly said yes which was awesome.

So Friday we had our appointment with this lady we contacted named Hidalia.  She warmly invited us in.  Then she called her whole family to the living room to listen to us.  It's a family of 5.  The parents and their three kids. 2 girls and a boy.  Jenny, Natalia, y Christopher.  We had a lesson on the Restoration. It was one of the best lessons I've had on my mission I think and they really seemed genuinely interested including the father and wanted to read and come to church on Sunday.  We figured out after that they are in the other sisters area as well so we will be handing them over too but it was still such a highlight for my week. It would be my dream come true to see a beautiful family such as them all get baptized sometime during my mission.  I would love that.  They called the morning of to tell us that one of the kids or something was sick but that they wanted to see us on later in the week and that they would come the next week to church.  I'm hoping everything with them continues to go well.

We received a member referral this week and also started teaching her. She has been really sick and really wanting a change.  Hopefully she can see that the gospel is the best way to do that. 

We also had a big wing eating competion this week with some less actives and other missionaries at Buffalo Wild wings.  Sister Nelson, man that girl thinks the spicier the better.  I've never seen a girl eat peppers and spicy food like she can.  I'm going to have to get her some of those peppers that grow in the Cowley's yard. 

The Elders had another 2 baptisms on Sunday so that was pretty exciting.  I don't know if you rmember me writing about Maria that got baptized when those two boys, Maurice and Christian, got baptized?  anyway her two kids got baptized YEsterday. It was a great day.  Baptism as a symbol of your conversion and desire to follow Christ is one of the best things in the whole world.  You can't get much better than that.

Love you much family. There were a couple of other things I was going to write about but I've run out of time. Love you. Until next week.

Les Quiero mucho,
Hermana Lewis

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