Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween in New York

Happy Halloween you crazy little goons! okay so this week has been a trip.  I will tell you my cool miracle for my week.  His name is Juan little old Salvadoranian from El Salvador.  This is how the story goes.  So.... once upon a time, my companion sister gray and I were walking around looking up a former investigator.  It was a part of the area that we were unfamiliar with and we had accidently plugged the wrong coordinates in the GPS(which didn't help) so what did we do, we started talking to everyone we saw on the side of the street and making our way towards the correct address about 2 blocks away.  On the way I felt like we needed to take a picture so knowing that sister Gray is absolutely a pictureholic I suggessted it and she definitely concurred.  So, I bust out my little camera and pretty soon this little salvadoranian guy walks down the side of the street and offers to take a picture of the both of us.  Never seen this guy in my life so gratefully we accepted.  Then as I hand my camera over to him, I notice a Forteleza de Juventud(strength of youth phamplet) in his hand randomly. So I say to myself, this guy has to be a member.  I nudge sister gray and ask her under my breath if she has ever seen this guy at church before I ask who he is.  She looks at me like I'm crazy so I take that as my sign no.  So I ask him right off how long he's been a member and he looks at me like I'm crazy and tells me a couple of years. I ask him where he lives and he says just a few streets down. I was pretty sure he was LA because I'd never seen him at the church and I have been getting pretty familiar with faces. So I say great! when can we come over and visit?  Looks at me a little surprised and we set up an appointment to go visit the next day.  So after he goes on to tell us he moved out of his moms house and that he lives alone.  oops. Okay so maybe not no worries... we willl get a member to go with us which will be better for fellowshipping anyway.  So that was my plan.
So next morning comes along.  Everyone is working and no one can come with us to Juan's.  I was a little bummed.  We were also trying to find a member to go with us to these awesome investigators we had found the week before and were brand new.  So I was stressing a little.  I don't know why, if there is one thing I have learned on my mission is that stressing does not help you in the work.  So I was giving myself a calm down lecture, personal study, and trying to figure out who I was going to get to go with us to these appointments.   I'd been praying for something to happen where we would be able to find someone. Then it came. I walked over to the big map on the wall. PErfect. Why not get Juan to go with us as the member present to our new investigators homes who just happened to live 5 blocks up the road from him?  Perfect.  So I call him up and he agrees last minute to come and help us.  The appointment went so well and the investigators accepted the invitation to come to church on Sunday all 4 of them.  Pefect.
As we were walking back from the appointment with Juan he told us that he hasn't been active in the church for a while.  He told us that he has been reading and praying a lot lately. His desire to church has been growing and he'd been praying that he would bump into the missionaries.  Then guess what happened.  He found us on the side of the road.  He bore his awesome testimony about prayer and how God always listens to us.  Then I told him that he was an answer to ours because he came to help us teach.  We invited him to church and he told us he couldn't promise but that he was going to try and work something out with the other commitment he already had. He said right now he wasn't able to but that he wanted to come to church so he knew since it's what god wanted too it would all work out. We told him we would call him Saturday to see.  So we call him saturday and he tells us that he arranged everything to come to church on Sunday.  Not only that but he calls a second time later that night to see if we would like him to go pick up that house of investigators on Sunday for us.  Ya, i know this guy is legit.  Every missionaries dream to have a member like him.  So we were thrilled and told him that would be wonderful. 
Sunday morning comes along and dissapointingly our investigators called to say one of the kids was sick and that they weren't going to be able to come to church.  I was so heartbroken.  We tried to talk them into it but we decided on the next week.  So we called Juan and he said okay sounds good but then said.  Maybe I'll just go over to their house anyway and act like I didn't know to see if I can talk them into it.  We said okay,  because honestly it's like pulling teeth to get investigators and the details arranged to come to church for the first time.  I mean honestly if I think about it I think I would feel a little weird going to church by myself for the first time on foreign territory.  So he did, they still politely declined but he said that the visit was good and that we could all come over a little later.  Ends up he is from the same part as our investigators. How cool is that?
Anyway so he comes to Church.  He just is going to town.  Helped the sisters out with their investigators as well.  Then he offered to help Sister Gray and I teach any appointments we had later in the day. Asked sister gray what he could study in Preach my Gospel to be ready for our appointment that night. WE told him Resto.  We didn't have any super set visits and I was nervous to take him with us if the people juked because I wanted to make sure that he would come teach again.  Then sister Gray, the little miracle worker that she is says,"oh come on Hermana Lewis have some faith girl.  We will get in to teach!" So I said okay, lets take him and off we went.  So we decided on a house we had knocked earlier in the week and told him to meet us there at 7:30. Sister Gray and I decided to stop by a persons house we had started teaching a couple of weeks ago to find her home.  We had a really good lesson with her and her son and then ran over to meet Juan at this house.  Then guess what happened? We knocked the guy opened the door sister gray said something and away we went.  In the house and we taught this amazing lesson with Juan so we had a member present. Like I said this member is legit!  Hence why I had to write this awesome email to tell you all about it.
I hope you all havea  wonderful Halloween.  I have some other stuff I g2do so I'll let you all go for some Halloween fun.Don't rot your teeth with too much candy. love you!
Hermana Lewis

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