Monday, October 24, 2011

Just need to say I Love You

Wow, I can't believe it's another week come and gone. Padres, you're going to Japan this week right? Lucky.  You should bring me back some really cute jeans or something. I just don't know where the time goes nor do i know what i want to write this week other than I love you all and hope all is going swell.

We had stake conference yesterday. It was out in Plainview.  The theme of the conference was welfare.  There are three parts of welfare: mentally, spiritually, and physically.  Most people just think of welfare in terms of the physical part but that's not what it is about.  The temple president and matron came to the conference yesterday. They gave a beautiful talk on the importance of families.  It was quite beautiful. Parents have not only the stewardship but the responsibility to teach and rear their children in the teachings of the gospel. D&C 67&68?  We are to spend quality time with our children and teach them what the true meaning of what life is.  He talked about things like facebook and texting and how when individuals get to the point where they avoid human contact and don't want others to "bother them" while on the computer doing tedious monotonous tasks there becomes a problem.  Family is one of the greatest gifts that god has given us.  He also talked about how Satan is focused on destroying the family because he knows that if he can wedge in between the family he destroys God's great plan of happiness.

We taught some really cool people this week. We have seen god really bless us this week in finding and teaching people according to their needs.  One of the more unique lessons that we taught was when we knocked into the Alberto Family. They are from El Salvador and her husband is a pastor for their Iglesia de apostoles y profetas. ( church of prophets and apostles.)  This church is strict and I have a lot of respect for how much faith and self control they exercise.  They don't ever wear pants, makeup, jewelry, or cut their hair.  The 12 year old girl in the family had a comprehension of the scriptures unlike most of my investigators I've taught out here and they are very strong in their faith.  It was kind of refreshing. I know I'm a missionary but as part of the culture experience I am just in awe with all the different people I meet from different religions and how it molds the type of person that they are.  It's really cool.

This whole missionary work is such a funny concept to the outside world. We leave our homes for a couple of years to preach in a foreign land to people we don't know and through the tender mercies of god and hard work we find prepared people that are literally searching for the gospel just didn't know where to find it.  Then they hear the message of the restored gospel pray about it, receive a witness for themselves, experience all this opposition as they try to organize their lives to align back with God and ultimately through their faithfulness take the step of baptism which is their first step to entering into the kingdom of god. Its pretty miraculous in and of itself.  And the cool thing is that it works.  People find a type of happiness and a change in themselves that they never really thought that they would experience.

Primary Program is progressing. Just a couple of more weeks until the actual Sunday.  This upcoming Sunday is the Sunday por la obra misional which means that we have a few talks from the missionaries and a special musical number. It's pretty cool.


Hermana Lewis

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