Monday, November 14, 2011

Last Week of Transfers

Well life is good. Mom, dad, I hope you are enjoying your trip in Japan.  What's the weather like over there right now? We had some new people of church yesterday which brightened up my day considering our baptismal commit for next week didn't show up for church which means he won't be getting baptized this transfer.  He is super awesome and if I get moved I will be super sad not to see any baptisms this transfer but hopefully there will be many more to come.  Everything happens for a reason and maybe he just needs some more time or his conversion just quite isn't there yet.  Just because you can baptize the person doesn't mean you should baptize the person.  Without the true conversion it's not going to do them much good in the future.  Anyway, I know that this is good and I know that God has a plan for everyone.  Me included.  Mission has definitely given me new definition for the word "patience". :)

Time is now flying by.  I blink and another transfer is over. I remember like yesterday when I was the youngest sister in the mission and now I'm the oldest spanish sister in the mission.  That is the weirdest thing in the whole world.  I don't know if I will have another transfer here in Brentwood or not.  I would have loved to have all these things.

Mom I've got some people for you to pray for. It's the Zelaya family.  Pray that their spouses will gain interest in the church and that we can have a marriage work out in this area.  That would be tight!   I would love to see a marriage happen on my mission here at some time point in the mission.  I've seen just about everything else.

I think sister Nelson is probably going to be leaving pretty soon.  I love that girl so much.  She is the missionary that has changed my life forever.  She is such a good example of faith and pure love.  Everyone she talks to she helps them to be them best selves.  Sometimes I wonder if I would have survived the mission w/o her lol.  I have 3 transfers left I think so I will probably leave this transfer and go to my last area.  Otherwise I will just stay here for one more and finish next transfer in my next area.  Life is good. i love it. 

Hermana Lewis.

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