Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving pics

1.  We had an FHE at Helen Tejada's last Monday.  These are her two kids.  I'm eating ice cream with Andrea.  These two little dominicans are crazy wild hooligans.  I love them tons.

2&3  This is with Hermano and Hermana Lee with Sister Gray.  We ate dinner with them for Thanksgiving.  Hermano Lee is in el obispado ( bishopbric).  Him and his wife came out teaching with us to teach the Zelaya's (denis and mirna).  It was pouring rain, so I took a pic of all of them.  It rains here a lot.  I don't know if I mentioned that.  I can't wait for the snow.
4. Sister Gray and I are modeling our Count down calendars that you chillens made with us from almond roca.  This is in our kitchen.
5.  This is a picture of football Thanksgiving morning with the missionaries

6.  YOu have the Hermanas modeling how tuff they are and are completely competent in the turkey bowl.

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