Monday, November 14, 2011

Letter from last week Mom was in Japanubject Noviembre hide details Nov 7 (8 days ago) Can you believe it's november friends? Where does the time go? Some fun things happened this week. I can't believe that this is all going into winter. God's really been blessing us in the work here. We finally have somewhat of a pool going and we had 2 families that came to church for the first time yesterday. They seemed to like it fair enough so hopefully they will keep coming. I felt like I was running around with my head cut yesterday like a chicken at church trying to get everthing and everyone accomodated. I just had to laugh when I met this new 7 year old girl in the primary who had just recently moved to new york. She had come to New York with her dad and they were members. I asked her where she was from. She told me she was from the United States. I told her great, what part. She looked at me like I was crazy and said, " the united states". So I tried rephrasing the question. ok so we live in New York in the united states, what state are you from. So the 7 year old girl politely corrected me and told me no... I live in new York, not the united states. I"m from the United States, not New York. So I just laughed and decided I was better off just asking her dad when I met him after church. - they are from Utah by the way. Sister Gray went to a baptism in Jamaica for a former investigator she had been teaching so we did splits. I stayed with sister Nay so that she could help me with the primary program and sister nelson went to the baptism. The baptism took place at woodside after Queens stake conference, so Hermana Nelson was able to say hi to everyone at Rego. Sister Gray said the baptism was so rewarding and just reminded her of why she was on the mission. This particular investigator had worked with so many misisonary's and it truely was another miracle in the work to see her finally come unto christ through baptism. She had to take a huge leap of faith to change her life so that she could take this step. What a beautiful thing. I was a little sad I didn't get to go back with sister Gray to say hi to everyone but so many good little miracles happened back here in Brentwood. So we are teaching these two crazy houses of wonderful people that we just barely found. Denis and Mirna are cousins about 24 or 25 and they decided to come to church with us on Sunday. I took sister Nay with me to their house. Sister Nay is companions with Sister Nelson right now and I call her the angel. She is so sweet, shy, and is about 6 ft. All the hispanics always comment on her height but she is pretty much like a super model. I asked the zelaya family how their week was and what their favorite part of the week was. They told sister Nay their favorite part of the week was when sister gray and I came over to teach them a "special" song. hahaha. I just about died of laughter remember the night before. We decided to start teaching them english a couple of times a week because they are newer in the states and want to learn. So anyway they were trying to learn the body so we taught them the song head shoulders knees and toes. They just laughed. But they thought it was really fun, evidently. I'm glad I could make their week. Wendy brought her 2 girls and boy with her to church as well as her neighbor Ada. I don't know why Rey her husband didn't come because he was home and it slightly concerned me but I hope he will come sometime soon. That would be good. Right? Right. So I took ashleigh and racheal with me to primary. They loved it. I told her that they need to come each sunday so that they can all be in the program at the end of the month. I'm so excited for everything. We got different cars today. All 4 of us have 2 identical cars. President asked that we trade cars so that all the sister had good four wheel drive cars for winter. He takes such good care of us. So we gave good old Dalila (ford fusion) away for a Subaru. Change is always fun and I"m going to be grateful for it when the snow hits. Did I tell you that it snowed for a little bit a couple of weeks ago? It was right before Halloween. It was crazy and it was super cold. We had a good lesson with our good investigotors teresa and David. They are so awesome. They were formers but never got baptized because they had not been married and couldn't make it to church. So we went by to meet them and we found out that they had just recently got married and that they were going to catholic church every sunday. Wow, so maybe who knows, they will be ready to accept the gospel now and make the changes in their life that they need to. Yeah! Well life never ceases to amaze me. You want to know another cool story? So we have this referral that we have been trying to contact forever! Their telephone doesn't work and every time we go by they are never home. So we decide to give it one last try. We pull up and it doesn't look like anyone is home so, sister gray and I decide to say a prayer that we will be able to contact them. Then in the midst of our prayer guess what happens? Lo and behold a car pulls up and guess who pulls up. The very people we are looking for. That is a quick answer to prayer if I have ever heard of one. It works out. We also had zone conference on Tuesday. President and the Ap's said some really powerful things. Always inspired. You know? They speak and its almost like they are speaking directly at you. Things that you know you have been more prompt about in the past but let slide because other people do it or other things push in front of it in the priority list. It's like they watch you and know the behind the scene thoughts or something. It was so cool! I loved every minute of it and it really did me some good. The sisters and I did a intermediate musical number and it turned out all right. anyway I love you all. I'm done for today. I get so sick of emailing peeps. No offense. Jenna, it's been a few months.... your due for a letter girl. Are you still allive? I think your friend Ari writes more than you do... that's .... well we won't say it. P.S. she is a very talented harpist. I'm giving you a major hint though chica. ;) If you couldn't tell... I miss you. I love hearin from my sista's. Mom, dad, have fun in Japan.... bring me something cool home. Maybe some hip jeans or something. I 'm sure you will find something cool. Mu

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