Monday, May 31, 2010

Birthday Today! :)

Birthday was great! I got to skype with my family in the morning. I had wonderful sisters that savataged my suit case before I left the states and they not only slipped cute inspirational quotes and little candies into all my bags, but slipped birthday letters into my pocket as well. Thank you girls! You almost made me cry. =) Khun Ma and Pa bought me American food for my birthday. They figured what American girl wouldn’t like pizza and soda for her birthday. They were right. I’ve also been wanting to go to the market to buy young coconut. Kuhn Ma made sure I had some fresh to try for my birthday. 
God must know I love the rain because it poured for my birthday. I went and played in it and before two minutes was up I was literally soaked. Dinner we had a big party with singing, food, cake, and more. I love this family so much. They made it a special day for me

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