Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Well, I have a sad blog to post today. All of the pictures I have taken up to this point are gone! Somehow my disk got a virus from the computer I was using them to download and when we were trying to fix the disk it messed up my photos and they are all gone! So now I can't use that disk anymore and I have to start over on the photos. Good thing it was only a week into the trip. Still, I had about 200 photos... Anyway in order to avoid that sadness again I'm sorry to say it but I will not be narrating my blog with anymore pictures until I have them safely uploaded to a CD where i know they aren't going to dissapear. That would be tradgic if it happened again. So I'll still write what I'm doing but just not illustrate it with pics till I get home.... Sorry folks. I don't want to start a riot.

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