Friday, May 21, 2010

Ling (Monkey) Galore

So we drove to the South Yesterday since the riots are so bad in Bangkok. We did a couple of really cool things along the way. I had lunch at a restaurant with Duang and her parents. We seem to eat a lot of fish. It is coon Pa's favorite. I ate it for breakfast lunch and dinner yesterday. I had a iced ovaltine drink. They love ovaltine here. It had so much sugar in it though! I had a hard time drinking all of it. Duang's was a strawberry milk drink. We also stopped on the street so I could take picutres of all the monkeys on the street. Petburi is the name of the city we stopped in to take pictures with the monkeys. Duang said we would find nicer monkey's to pet but that we could still get out to see them. Notice in the background of the picture all of the school children. The student uniform is associated with the particular school the student attends. These children would walk up to the monkey's and then jump back and run around the monkeys. It was so funny to watch.

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