Sunday, May 23, 2010


I've never seen so many Buddha's in all my life. Most of the Thai homes have a Buddha room where they go and worship. The hand positions of the buddha mean different things. When the hand are both up like they are saying stop that is Buddha reminding us to avoid temptation and to stop that which does not bring us unto God. There is a Buddha with lots of arms and 4 faces. The faces represent North, South, East, and West which are symbolic of all seeing. Duang says the multiple arms are to symbolize Buddha doing multiple things at the same time. The Buddha with the okay sign on both hands in the Lotus pose is wisdom and meditation. And the Buddha that is sitting and looks like he is sitting in a chair with spikes coming out is the Monday Buddha. There is a Buddha for each day of the week. There is a Buddha to pray for for each situation. Rain, guidance, fertility, love, etc. I think its interesting that most businesses are still closed on Sunday but that Duang says that it has nothing to do with religious orientation... she didn't know why they do that.

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