Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday was good. It wasn't like my typical Sunday but still uplifting and I feel like a lot of good things came from it. It was the first time I had slept all the way through the night and I woke up very early. I read and studied for a couple of hours before I came out to have breakfast with the family.
Duang knew that I would be sad we didn't get to go to church this week so had our own spiritual lesson. She brought out the piano and I was able to play hymns for quite a while. Little and Duang sang with me the opening song. Duang said the opening prayer and then we taught Duangs sister Little about the Godhead. Little goes to a Catholic school right now so she is familiar with Christian teachings. Duang asked her at the end if she believed what she said was true and Little said she did. I could tell she was intently listening to what Duang was saying. I am amazed at the great missionary Duang is. Everywhere she goes whether it was on our plane ride home or talking to her family or extended family she is never afraid or reserved about sharing the gospel. It's like on the plane ride to Thailand she would always ask who ever we were sitting by what they believed and proceed to talk about the LDS faith. She would then turn to me and ask me to explain more in depth questions and explain to our plane neighbors that I was going to be serving in NYC as a missionary. She really is an example of light and truth. Her family are "good people". I'm coming to love them more and more. Now that Duang has been reading Thai scripture she is able to explain the gospel to them in her language I can feel her testimony and conviction of the gospel principles. She is an example to me of courage and what we should all be more like. I love her and I'm so grateful to be a guest in her home this summer.

After our little Sunday school lesson, we went to her Aunts house where her grandma had made all the family and delicious meal. We ate talked and visited. Duang once again talked to her Aunt and Grandma about LDS faith and answered their questions. Her family is so intrigued that I'm planning on going to NY in September to be a missionary. Then Duang Family and I left to go to the park. This park wasn't like the parks in the U.S. It is much bigger. There is still the parkway trail with hills, and ponds, etc. Everything is so much more green and lush with color. It's truely beautiful. They also had a miniature zoo. Coon Ma knows how much I loved going to see the Monkeys in Petburi so we went and saw the monkeys at the park. I was loving it but the rest of the family didn't like the way the animals smelt lol. They kept saying "Mhen" which means "it stinks!" So we had to leave sooner than I would have liked but it was a fun day. Different from most my Sunday's in Utah. Still full of the same spirit though.

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