Friday, May 21, 2010

Duang's Family

I'm staying with Duang's family. I call her dad and mom, coon pa and coon ma. She has an older brother that is my age. His name is Top and he goes to school in Bangkok. He will be joining us in Nakkon Sri Thammarat after he finishes his final. Duang is 18 and my friend from school that lived in my same complex this last semester. I met her sister today when we went to go pick her up from school. Her name is Little (Pronounced Liton) and is 14. She is darling and so nice. All of her family speaks Thai but her brother and sister understand most of the English I say. They just have a hard time talking back to me. Duang is the only fluent English speaker in her home. I made a deal with Little today that I would give her English lessons if she would give me Thai lessons. It's really hard for me to be the only one that can't talk in the house. I lost Duang today in the house and I couldn't even ask any of the family or workers where she went. They just looked at me like I was crazy when I asked "Duang?" But don't worry once I found her I immediately learned the phrase "Duang, eu ni cha?" Means- "where is Duang?" :) I have put the phrase to good use.

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